As many of you know, the Communications Committee in conjunction with the Government Affairs Committee surveyed the attendees at the April 2018 Breakfast. This survey was intended to provide Government Affairs with insight about the top issues impacting our industry. We collected more than 125 surveys and gathered some interesting data. Hopefully, many of those that answered the survey are reading this month’s newsletter.

Of all of the responses, the majority were Architects/Engineers followed by General Contractors, Brokers/Property Managers, Vendors, Developers and Bankers/Lenders (in order).

By far the biggest issue impacting our industry is a labor shortage/qualified (educated) work force. It appears that the next biggest issue is rising construction costs, followed by land availability, housing costs and taxes/tariffs. Some other issues mentioned were government/regulation, rising interest rates and infrastructure.

This information will help the Government Affairs Committee interview potential candidates that NAIOP Southern Nevada wants to support and hopefully guide issues brought to local law makers.

One thing is for sure, we are in this together!

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