The Benefits of Joining NAIOP Government Affairs Committee

There are many complicated and confusing measures and laws in our local district and before I joined the NAIOP Government Affairs Committee the Business License Tax;  the Commerce Tax; the Industrial Infrastructure Fund were only fillers within taglines sprinkled throughout the local business press. In my mind, these were verbose laws voted on by Carson City legislators and local officials – political types whom I knew nothing about.

The problem wasn’t the taxes, infrastructure and other issues, rather, it was my lack of specific knowledge into each measure. The problem was that I didn’t really know how each had a significant impact on commercial real estate, my business and livelihood – and my community. As took the time to learn more about these topics, I quickly realized the importance of understanding the insight of the legislators and local officials who are responsible for drafting and voting on laws that directly influence Southern Nevada’s economic growth. And, how NAIOP Southern Nevada works to protect our industry by advocacy and influencing policy modifications needed to help keep our industry healthy.

For example, most NAIOP members realize the importance of enacting laws that are cohesive with Nevada’s Corporate-friendly environment in order to attract new businesses, encourage more development and grow our economy. I am sure most NAIOP members agree that we need to have a mechanism in place to allow for industrial infrastructure in order to cultivate sustainable growth in Southern Nevada. But knowing where to start so you can make a positive impact is the key.

I chose to join the NAIOP Government Affairs Committee. What did I know about government affairs and policy? Not much. Yet, I was very interested in the process, and wanted to be a part of the solution, so I became willing to work and learn.

The Government Affairs Committee has taken me under its proverbial wing and provided me access to leaders within our community – county commissioners, city council members, state senate and assembly members, and candidates. With the committee, I have talked through different pieces of state legislation, local ordinances, planning and building codes , and I have learned an incredible amount. Most importantly, I have also learned how to contribute to the process. I highly recommend looking into NAIOP’s Government Affairs Committee if you also desire to shape the forward thinking of our community.

Not only have I increased my knowledge about local affairs, my contribution to NAIOP and the Government Affairs Committee has positively impacted my business. While attending NAIOP events is a good start, increasing your participation and impact is critical. By becoming more knowledgeable and involved, my profile has elevated as well – both within the real estate industry and indirectly. I have found that my confidence has increased by becoming more informed about local initiatives, which also augments my influence with clients, colleagues and other industry professionals. As my reputation grows, so do the calls from professionals (brokers, architects, contractors) who want to work with an insightful advocate who understands local issues, and has relationships in place that benefit deal making. Additionally, my participation also raises my company’s profile, benefiting all of my colleagues at NGKF.

I encourage all readers to think about something that impacts our local community, learn more about it, and get involved. I chose the NAIOP Government Affairs Committee and while it takes time and effort on your part, the benefits of greater participation are literally tenfold.

Chris Beets, Director
Newmark Grubb Knight Frank
T: 702.289.4617 | M: 702.860.9283