Why better building network infrastructure adds value to your business

Telecom Networks & High Tech Commercial Buildings, First in a Series

Why better building network infrastructure adds value to your business…


LEED Certified Buildings win awards for how little energy dollars they require, but those buildings may:


1.    cost ten times more for the same telecommunications bandwidth and infrastructure,
2.    not have the highest network reliability that is possible,
3.    be difficult to service,
4.    not provide the highest functionality available or that which is needed by a modern organization wanting to leverage all of the telecommunication, mobility and connectivity tools available.


The cost per megabyte of internet bandwidth available to a building may greatly increase monthly expenses. A real world example: a 10 megabit circuit can cost $750 or $75, both fiber optic, depending on building location, from the same carrier. That is why tenants are asking what type of bandwidth is available to a particular building. Buildings with low bandwidth cost are more desirable and may be worth increased rents, the same way a LEED Certified Building is worth more because it has low energy bills. Higher tech companies needing high bandwidth can be enticed with low bandwidth costs the same way that Data Centers offer lower bandwidth cost and higher reliability. Buildings with the right single or multiple carriers’ services can offer low cost high speed single or dual-carrier networks for less than a single traditional lower speed fiber circuit at another location.


Building owners and property managers who have the fortunate circumstance of the right single or dual carrier low bandwidth fiber optic infrastructure cost available; should promote the low cost and super-reliability bandwidth available at their properties as a SUPER HIGH valued added feature.


Imagine a call from a potential tenant or buyer who asks what type of bandwidth is available at your building. Instead of saying “call Cox and CenturyLink”, you are able to explain that you have a premium location with dual fiber internet carriers at pre-arranged extremely economical rates, cutting hundreds off of monthly cost over other properties. By knowing which bandwidth services are available in your building, you can answer the question about bandwidth with an enthusiastic and positive response that gives a potential buyer or tenant a great value feeling about your property. Not all business locations have the best low cost dual fiber network set up, but most buildings have at least some of the more favorable network infrastructure elements available.


Point being, when a customer asks about what kind of fiber of bandwidth is available, that is a buying question and you should have a great closing response to help seal the deal, regardless of the internet services that are actually available—and that is how you leverage network technology into greater value for your business. All existing businesses should regularly review new offerings to see if your business can save on or improve its network infrastructure.


Danny Bax
The Blue Store