We’ve had a busy year!  Take a look at our accomplishments in our NAIOP by the Numbers info-graphic:


I hope you had a safe and enjoyable holiday season. The year 2021 is here, and though we all hoped the circumstances would be different, we’re not yet able to enjoy the benefits of NAIOP like we once did.  However, we are now embarking on a new adventure.  In 2021, our focus as NAIOP Southern Nevada is going to be on understanding and meeting the needs of our members and President’s Circle Sponsors (PCS).  A need for many of our members is to consistently have relevant and informative content at our breakfast meetings and education events. Our Programs Committee and Education Committee have been hard at work planning January events:  a Virtual Breakfast Program (a discussion with developers), and our Virtual Member’s Only Education Event (a legislative preview).

The pandemic caused us to reach out to many of the President’s Circle Sponsors to understand the needs NAIOP Southern Nevada can meet for them during these times. As a result, we will be taking a new approach in 2021. For this year, the Membership Committee and the Sponsorship Committee will be separated. The Membership Committee will continue their efforts as they have always done and the focus of the newly formed Sponsorship Committee will be on addressing the concerns that our President’s Circle Sponsors have shared with us. By understanding and meeting the needs of our members and sponsors, we are confident that the entire organization will become stronger. We are looking forward to the opportunities that 2021 will bring.




David Strickland
Thomas & Mack Development Group
NAIOP Southern Nevada President

We asked our 2020 DLI Class Graduates their thoughts on what they will miss the most about 2020 and what they are most excited to leave behind in 2020.  Here’s what a few said:

Emily Dobbins, Nigro Construction
I am looking forward to being able to purchase Lysol and disinfecting wipes on a regular basis! I am also very excited to travel in 2021.

Thomas Godbout, First Savings Bank
Something I am looking forward to leaving behind is the zoom calls instead of being in person socializing with everyone.  I cannot wait until we can all get together again.

What I will miss the most is helping out as many fellow NAIOP members with their PPP loans.  It felt great to be able to help out so many people during these difficult times.

Jordan Leavitt, Leavitt Insurance Agency
I’ll miss kicking butt and taking names with Gabe’s Babes in 2020.

Matt Patros, CBRE
I am really looking forward to leaving behind having to wear a mask and I don’t think I’m going to miss ANYTHING about this past year I can’t have in the next one!

Armand (AJ) Rodrigues, Geotechnical & Environmental Services, Inc.
I will be looking forward to no longer having to put on a mask when I get up and make a cup of coffee at work!

Anna Saravia, Harsch Investment Properties
I’m excited to leave virtual happy hours in 2020!

Christina Stanfill, WORTHGROUP Architects and Designers
One thing that I will miss most about 2020 is the creativity and unstoppable mentality that everyone has come up with to still be together, while apart. Truly inspiring and impressive!

One thing that I will not miss are my bank statements from my new found dependence for online shopping… and explaining to my better half why there are mounds of Amazon packages at our front door every day!

Name: Minjia Yan
Title: Associate
Company: Millennium Commercial Properties
Years in the Industry: 1

Where are you originally from?  I was born in China and grew up in Las Vegas. I have been living here for over 10 years. I really like the community and the people.

What has NAIOP provided you that has helped you grow professionally or personally? Being part of NAIOP has helped me to expand my professional network in the local Las Vegas market. Commercial real estate is a people business, and relationship building is a key element in this industry. Having a deep and strong network in the local community has helped me to stay informed about market trends and news.

What has been your favorite experience? I saw my UNLV colleague at a NAIOP breakfast who I haven’t seen for at least 5 years. What a small world! We were waiting in line to get coffee at the breakfast event, and then we recognized each other.

Who Have I met or become closer friends with at NAIOP: I met Linda Ly at NAIOP and we became close friends. She introduced me to many NAIOP members and professionals in the industry. Thank you Linda!

What do you want your legacy to be in the Southern Nevada community? I want to build innovative projects that have creative designs and technology.


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Name: Armand (AJ) Rodrigues
Title: Environmental Supervisor
Company: Geotechnical & Environmental Services, Inc.
Years in the Industry: 9

Where are you originally from?  I was born and raised in Las Vegas.

What has NAIOP provided you that has helped you grow professionally or personally? I am very fortunate to be a 2020 DLI graduate, which has provided me the opportunity to develop leadership skills.

What has been your favorite experience? The DLI retreat for sure! We got to spend the weekend hanging out with a group of interesting people who are all trying to better themselves in some way.

Who Have I met or become closer friends with at NAIOP: He has no idea but Dylan Heroy has been a positive influence since we met for DLI. He is always happy, always smiling, and always hustling hard. Just getting to be around that kind of positive energy would make anyone feel upbeat and optimistic

What do you want your legacy to be in the Southern Nevada community? I just want to be remembered as a guy who was fun to work with, got stuff done, and made the environments in which we work healthier.

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As we welcome in the New Year, we would like to take a moment to reflect and thank the NAIOP Southern Nevada Community Service Committee Members and all of NAIOP Membership for your valiant efforts toward supporting our community during the challenging times that 2020 brought us all.

Many thanks to the NAIOP Southern Nevada Community Service Committee Members for your valiant efforts towards supporting our community during these challenging times.

In early October, committee members participated in a career fair at Hollingsworth Elementary. Members met virtually with students and shared their insight and day-to-day duties as professionals in the Real Estate Industry… it’s good to start them young!

Thank you to the entire NAIOP membership for your participation in the Helping Hands of Vegas Valley Donation Drive. Throughout the month of October, we were able to collect donations that had a total weight of 1,172 lbs, including 461 total pieces of paper products. An additional $940.00 was raised, which will continue to support Senior Citizens in the community for months to come.

Throughout November, members of the Community Service Committee sponsored families and collected donations to make Thanksgiving Turkey Baskets for families in need. These baskets consisted of all the fixings for a Thanksgiving meal, as well as non-perishable foods to stock their pantries. Thank you for your efforts in getting quality items to fill these baskets.

December came up quickly, which meant it was time to prepare for our annual CASA Foundation Toy Drive. We accepted cash donations, unwrapped toys, and donations through our Amazon wish list. The collective efforts of the membership helped us to be able to donate over 300 toys for the CASA Foundation.

Last but not least, to wrap the year up, Committee Members donated items and assembled 150 care packages to distribute at Catholic Workers meal service. These care packages were stuffed to the brim, consisting of items such as toiletries, snacks, first aid items, mittens and hats. Thank you to all of those who participated.

As we head in to the New Year, we are excited to share with you the 2021 events that the Committee will be taking part in. Keep an eye out in your emails for more information detailing these future events or are interested in joining the committee, please let us know.

Community Service Committee Members:

Patti Dillon, SIOR
Sr. Vice President – Colliers International
(702) 523-0337 | patti.dillon@colliers.com

Megan McInerney
Associate – Colliers International
(702) 836-3700 | Megan.mcinerney@colliers.com

Lauren Willmore
Associate – Colliers International
702-836-3730 | lauren.willmore@colliers.com


“You know how I always dread the whole year? Well, this time I’m only going to dread one day at a time.” – Charlie Brown

What is a “New Year?”  Is it a clean break from the past, or just another tomorrow?  2020 was a year where every tomorrow looked like yesterday, and we ended the year right where we began – looking out the window wondering what next year will bring.  Here’s to hoping we can leave the dread in 2020; but first, here’s a look at some of the things that contributed to our gray hair this past year. NAIOP started the year off right with our annual Day on the Hill in Washington DC, where we met with our federal delegation and fought the good fight toward expanding the BLM disposal boundaries in Southern Nevada, and advocating in favor of legislation intended to spur development and growth in the state. As an organization, we thought this would be our biggest fight of 2020. If only…if only.

Shortly after our time in DC, the COVID-19 pandemic struck our nation and our state. Nevadans were some of the hardest hit by the effects of the pandemic and the shuttering of our economy, while we tried to “flatten the curve” and control the spread of the virus. And while CRE was deemed essential, our industry wasn’t without its trials. At the end of March an eviction moratorium was put in place to keep people in their homes and businesses. Directive 008, was well intentioned, but needed another look on the commercial front, as many landlords and tenants had already come to some sort of lease workout agreement and landlords needed all remedies available to them in addition to those agreements. So, we went to work on educating our government officials on the issues commercial landlords were facing and how the eviction laws already in place protect both tenant and landlord when it comes to evictions in the state. The endeavor took nearly 3 months, but we were successful in getting the issue resolved and the moratorium lifted. More than a few grey hairs were earned as Q2 came to a close.

Shortly after the moratorium was lifted, the first of two special legislative sessions started. This 100% remote session was unlike any other – in a year where unprecedented became the norm. As revenue shortfalls and court cases turned the budget into Swiss cheese, lawmakers had to do their best to cobble together stabilizing measures, making major cuts to DHHS and education. There were plenty of shenanigans and fireworks (and not the fun kind), and after 12 long days and nights the legislature adjourned with the promise of another special session to follow shortly. It was during the second virtual special session, where the heavy lifting came. Businesses were in desperate need of commercial liability protections, while employees were in need of safety assurances and protections that would allow for them to safely return to work. It took just over a week for both sides to agree that the legislation was not perfect and neither side was going to receive everything they wanted, but that the liability protections passed amounted to a good start. All in all, for NAIOP members and the business community as a whole, this was a win. During this time, gray hairs were accumulating far more rapidly than before.

While all of this was going on, the federal delegation’s attention was obviously elsewhere, pushing aside the federal lands bills we had been working toward in favor of aid packages aimed at keeping the nation treading water. But as 2020 wound down and stimulus legislation was passed, NAIOP renewed its ferver toward passing the public lands bills, publishing its commissioned land study, and holding many meetings to present and educate like minded industry leaders, major business interests, municipal leaders, and the federal delegation. Now that we have entered 2021, we continue to meet with and encourage our lawmakers to pass legislation that expands our disposal boundaries while keeping responsible growth in mind. We will also continue to work on local issues within the jurisdictions as they come up to ensure code revisions, ordinances, fee changes, and anything else development related is done with NAIOP at the table. There is still much to be done, so you may as well start embracing the gray.

2020 was difficult for everyone, but we will continue to work to ease the burdens on development where we can for all NAIOP members. Happy New Year to each and everyone of you, and thank you for your continued support of our efforts.

Jon & Kerrie

Jonathan Leleu, Director
Kerrie Kramer, Government Affairs Analyst
Argentum Partners
jleleu@argentumnv.comm | kerrie@argentumnv.com | T: (702) 692-8037

We know that meeting our client’s deadlines is critical, and doing what we said we’d do when we said we’d do it is a top priority for us–we’ll do whatever it takes.  But even with every effort we can muster, we may find ourselves up against a deadline that’s near impossible.  Take this actual email string between an engineer and a client, for example:

Client: “When will you be done with the project?”

Engineer: “I worked on it all night and emailed it to you early this morning.”

Client: “Well, is there anything you can do to get it to me sooner?”

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We had a fun filled first ever Oktoberfest Virtual Trivia Tournament in September.  Thank you again to our sponsors GCW, Inc, The Korte Company, NDL Group, RCG Economics, Stork Technology Solutions and Sun Commercial Real Estate & Property Management.

Congratulations to our winners:

1st: Matthew Weinberger, Martin-Harris Construction
2nd: Nate Cartwright, Helix Electric
3rd: Sallie Doebler, Vegas Chamber

1st Place – Team #2
Jim Altobell, NOVA Geotechnical & Inspection Services
Nate Cartwright, Helix Electric
Sallie Doebler, Vegas Chamber
Mike Shohet, Compass Development
Matthew Weinberger, Martin-Harris Construction

2nd Place – Team #4
Samantha Flaherty
Dylan Heroy, Sun Commercial Real Estate, Inc
Ashley Jager, AEC Industry Pro, LLC
Greg Korte, The Korte Company

3rd Place – Team #3
Cassie Catania-Hsu, CBRE
Julie Cleaver, The Howard Hughes Corporation
Nikki Dadlani, Nevada State Bank
Shawn Danoski, DC Building Group

Some things just have to be done up close.  This is one of them.

On the other hand, it’s surprising how we’ve learned to do so many things remotely that were previously thought to require in-person attention.

Will jobs like hair stylist or flight attendant ever be done remotely?  You never know.

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