Who Needs Big-box, Anyway!?

Little doubting the effect e-commerce and other big box user development has had on our industrial market. New construction is at unprecedented levels, the number of large users in the market has more than doubled in the last two years, and there’s good evidence that this trajectory will not soon diminish. The story of big box has been integral to the Las Vegas industrial market recovery. Still, many have wondered about the rest of the industrial market. If you take away the enormous contributions of larger scale industrial development, how do the remaining segments of the market perform?  Lucky for us, Xceligent Director of Analytics Las Vegas, Tina Hickman, has been researching just that question for a deep dive look into the industrial market for this monthly piece. Read more

Member Highlight

Name: Brent Wright
Title: CEO
Company: Wright Engineers
# of years in the industry: 30

1.    How has NAIOP helped you develop new business?
The interactions with members at meetings and events is invaluable.  Nowhere else in Las Vegas is there such a concentration of all the right people I need to know and work with. Read more

Showdown at the E-Commerce Corral

The 1950s saw the introduction of two innovations to the American scene – the supermarket, where people could buy just about everything they needed for day-to-day living under one roof in air-conditioned comfort and to the soothing sounds of Muzak, and the computer. Who could have guessed that the latter would, in just 50 years, threaten the existence of the other? Read more

The Right Brain

One humble engineer’s effort to make the world a better place a cartoon at a time…

Quarterly President’s Report – July 2017

Dear Fellow Members,

Commercial real estate development continues to thrive in Southern Nevada and NAIOP is on the forefront, blazing the trail.

A big part of the trail in 2017 is attributable to the Government Affairs efforts during Nevada’s 79th legislative session. NAIOP Southern Nevada teamed up with our colleagues from the Northern Nevada chapter and successfully represented the voice of commercial real estate development as “one Nevada”. Our success at the State level wouldn’t have been possible without the involvement of Jonathan Leleu and Kerrie Kramer of Greenberg Traurig. They camped out in Carson City from February 6th to June 6th and assisted the Government Affairs Committee immensely by being the eyes, ears, and voice of NAIOP for those biennial 120 days. Read more

The Right Brain

One humble engineer’s effort to make the world a better place a cartoon at a time…

Member Highlight

Name: Curt Carlson
Title: Principal/Vice President
Company: SH Architecture
# of years in the industry: 16

1.    How has NAIOP helped you develop new business?
Regional conferences and educational seminars have helped me tie trends, clients and projects into the local market. The subject matter and adaptability of information has been beneficial in expanding my regional understanding of the industry’s critical issues that influence the local market. These venues also provide immense marketing opportunities by interacting with key decision makers in the region. Read more

Top 10 Facts of Telecommunications Infrastructure

1)  When building a new building, locate all of the fiber optic ISP networks nearby and consider putting in two trenches to be able to provision as many ISP networks as possible, after performing a 360 degree network analysis around the property. This enables the provisioning of multi-carrier networks with diverse entrances, which are much higher reliability ISP networks. Read more

Sustainable Tip

A small 50kW DC roof mounted solar array will produce an estimated 87,041kWh which would offset $7,000 in energy costs and 96,267lbs of CO2 emissions in the first year. This is the same amount of CO2 that would be offset by 498 fully matured trees*.

Over a period of 25 years the same 50kW array would produce an estimated 2,000,000kWh which would save $200,000 in energy costs and would offset over 2.2 Million pounds of CO2 emissions.

*2010 EPA study shows 1kWh of electricity produced from fossil fuel plants creates 1.106lbs of CO2 emissions. The Department of Energy calculates a 30 year old mature pine tree absorbs 193lbs of CO2 per year.

Sustainable Development Committee
Click Here for Committee Information


Finding the Sweet Spot

Every market has a sweet spot. It is a size range of product (industrial in this case) which tends to get the most lease activity, year after year. Depending on local, regional, and sometimes national needs – as well as location, size, and type of market, that sweet spot can range wildly in size. As […]