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We are back on site at the NAIOP Southern Nevada June Program. The title was So Much Going On How To Keep Track – a Submarket Update

Below is the link to the webpage for the episode. You can listen to the show directly from the website. Just hit the orange play button. You can also find the podcast on Apple Podcasts by searching for “Takeaways”.  Takeaways Podcast – E2:E27- NAIOP June Program: So Much Going On How To Keep Track

Shawn Danoski and I sat down to discuss our Takeaways from this program.

The moderator was Donny Perach – Vice President, Valtus Capital Group

The panelists included:

  • Gina Gavan – Chief Innovation Officer Director, Economic & Business Development
    City of North Las Vegas
  • Ken Chapa – Interim Director – Office of Economic Development & Tourism
    City of Henderson
  • Bill Arent – Director – Economic & Urban Development
    City of Las Vegas

In 2008, Charles Prince was named by Fortune magazine as one of the economic leaders who didn’t see the financial crisis coming. He was CEO of Citigroup, which at the time, was a major provider of financing for leveraged buyouts. He infamously told The Financial Times, “as long as the music is playing, you’ve got to get up and dance.” What a great quote to use to open this program. It not only sets the tone of all the activity in Southern Nevada today, but strikes the chords of irony, reminding us how deeply this community suffered just a few years ago.

These days it appears that Southern Nevada is in full recovery. There is a pipeline of activity ranging from catalyst projects, new hotels, infrastructure renovations to master-planning new communities to be developed 7-10 years from now. This was a robust program where the panelists not only talked about how much is going on now, but what is next!

What were some of our Takeaways?

  • What is driving all of the growth in each City?
  • How did each panelist answer when asked to share a “heard-it-at-NAIOP-first” announcement?
  • Where would each of the panelists invest $10 million in their respective Cities?

Experts say AI will change the world more than anything in history – including replacing about half of current jobs.  Those jobs predicted to be “safe” require the qualities that make us uniquely human such as social intelligence.  Hmmmmmm.  High IQ but low social intelligence…  Should we engineers be worried?

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I was unsure what to expect this year at ICSC RECON. With the mounting number of retail closures and downsizings, it could have been pretty bleak or sheer panic. As it turned out – it looked like business as usual. The national guys were there as well as locals and mom and pops businesses. The seminars were overcrowded and the line at Starbucks was about a 20 minute wait. I was on the floor for about three minutes when I encountered a developer client and his posse from NYC who was running back and forth between appointments with new deals.

While the crowd was the same, the subject matter was a little different. I got caught up in a number of programs and sessions focused on integrating health and wellness into retail projects and conversely, retail components into health, wellness and medical projects. Healthcare’s delivery approach is perceived today more as a retail experience for consumers and is seeking to provide services in proximity to other consumer needs. There were also a couple of sessions on the impact of cannabis in the retail marketplace – which is not new to the Las Vegas Market.

Some of the other noteworthy and critical topics included:

  1. Get prepared for change. Owners need to think critically about the tenant mix and appropriately sized tenants. There needs to be a variety of goods and services offered that will keep customers coming back and staying longer on site. Walkable, mixed-use developments with office, medical or hospitality anchors provide a steady potential customer base. Combine uses on existing sites: live-work-play, medical-wellness, office-entertainment, etc.
  2. Think outside the box. Experiential retail was the buzzword for excitement in centers and as a driver for new customers. These tenants could be entertainment based, hospitality based, food based or could be a product that cannot be experienced on-line. Retailers and physical spaces need to be fresh and unique to attract and maintain customers. There were examples of stores changing their entire look every quarter to promote a new and exciting atmosphere and keep enticing customers back into the store. The tenants for Area 15 had a “hands-on” booth to experience their concept.
  3. Refresh. Re-size. Many nationals are rolling out smaller footprints for anchor stores. Powerful providers are working in smaller (more strategic) space – but they must effectively leverage the space to optimize the experience. Target has an urban plan of 30-45,000 SF on multiple levels. Large, big box users that are down-sizing are being replaced with store-within-a-store concepts and (smaller) specialty grocers are becoming popular anchors. Consumers want amenities like shop on-line and pick-up at store with an onsite “click/collect” pick-up zone.
  4. Consumer data can be a friend. Data collection and analysis is becoming more critical to fulfill the needs of the consumer and to appropriately respond to trends and the consumers’ desires. It’s an evolving market driven by change in consumers’ needs, wants and attitudes. “One week you’re in – the next week you’re out.”
  5. International flavor. There is interest from international companies to expand into US markets. This niche isn’t reserved for high-end consumers – think Aldi or other specialty food providers that international consumers are acquainted with and drive strong brand loyalty. On the apparel front, Uniqlo and Superdry are coming into the US market from opposite sides of the globe (and have multiple stores locally).

Overall, I got the same vibe of excitement crowd crush as previous years, saw deals being finalized all around me, heard deals being discussed and there wasn’t an empty seat in the CBRE mega booth.

Communications Committee Chair

Curt John Carlson, AIA, NCARB, ASID, LEED AP is a principal at SH ARCHITECTURE, a 22-year resident of Las Vegas and a dog rescuer.

Follow him at,, or contact him at







Dear Fellow Members:

As we officially enter the “hot” season, Southern Nevada is heating up in more ways than one. Reports show that office, industrial and mixed-use real estate is strong and growing with our members as the driving force behind major commercial real estate development across the valley.

Both the May and June breakfast meetings drew large attendance, focusing on the economic climate and commercial real estate activity in Las Vegas. Industry experts shared their insights and all foresee prosperous growth for the metro heading into 2020.

June also marked a major milestone for our chapter with the tenth anniversary of the Developing Leaders Institute. DLI graduates came together to commemorate this achievement and swap their “best class ever” stories. A huge thanks to our founding committee members, sponsors, teachers, alumni and Development Dudes and Dudette for fostering one of the top leadership programs year after year. (Reminder, applications for the 2020 DLI Class are due this Friday, July 12.)

We’re also proud to announce the Community Service Committee has completed phase 2 of the cottage renovations at St. Jude’s Ranch for Children in Boulder City. Volunteers worked side-by-side with contractors to replace the four cottage roofs and renovate all interior spaces. This was a very special project and we thank the committee and all the volunteers and contractors who donated their time and resources to create healthier living spaces for guests at the ranch.

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As we charge into the third quarter, there are several must-attend events on the calendar.

  • July 12: Members Only Education Workshop: Stacking the Capital Deck: Funding New Development
  • August 1: Annual Bowling Tournament at The Orleans
  • October: The social event of the year – Oktoberfest

Finally, I’d like to thank all our members, our Board of Directors and our sponsors for volunteering their time and financial support to our Chapter. Your contributions make NAIOP one of the leading organizations in Southern Nevada.

Have a great summer!

Shawn Danoski
Chapter President
NAIOP Southern Nevada

The 27th Annual NAIOP Golf Tournament was held on May 17, 2019 at Spanish Trail Country Club! With more than 250 NAIOP members and their guests in attendance, everyone enjoyed a fabulous day of golf, refreshments, food and sponsorship tee entertainment. As always, we had an ample supply and variety of music, games and drinks – including frozen margaritas (my fav – thanks Marco). We got off to a great start with an awesome breakfast to-go, a Bloody Mary bar and perfect morning weather. The afternoon threat of rain and gusty winds were less cooperative but the golfers, volunteers and tents prevailed. Our second-to-none Putting Contest put our golfer’s skills to the test after which we all headed to the clubhouse for our Awards Banquet and lunch.

The proceeds of the golf tournament help to fund NAIOP’s government affairs educate, lobby and advocate at the local and state level for the commercial real estate industry in Southern Nevada.

Check out our winners

1st Gross – 48 Randy Broadhead, Darren Lemmon, Lloyd Manning & Brad Peterson
2nd Gross – 50 Dustin Manning, Tim McCoy, Lance Olson & Wayne Salom
1st Net – 53 Jeffery Gallagher, Bob May, Matt Ryba & Mark Wilmer
2nd Net – 57 Chris Foley, Kenny Gibson, Jade Rosenberg & David Thissle
Long Drive – CJ Murley, Brian Parker, Christina Roush, Paul Whitt & Pat Vester
Closest to the Pin – Dustin Manning, Matt Ryba & Jim Slack
Putting Contest – Goeffrey Lyons

We couldn’t do it with out you!
Thank you to our Volunteers:
Everlee Anies, Harsch Investment Properties
Ben Bojda, Dominion Environmental Consultants NV, Inc.
Christy Bojda, GRN Vision
Scott Carter KGA, Architecture
Cassie Catania-Hsu, Sun Commercial Real Estate
Anna Delamora, Remington Builders LLC
Robbie Espinosa, R&O Construction
Michael Eure, G.C. Garcia Inc.
Samantha Flaherty, Fidelity National Title Group-NCS
Jen Fulton, Vision Sign, Inc.
Kari Golden, Meadows Bank
Ashley Gould, 2182S Consulting Group, Inc.
Lori Guidi Remington Builders LLC
Paul Haber, XIT Solutions
Terry Hicks,  Cox Business
Adam Horowitz, Lever Capital Partners
Robert Kraus, One Nevada Credit Union
Jakob Krupka, Martin-Harris Construction
Suzette LaGrange, Colliers International
Elizabeth Lopez, City of Las Vegas
Nora Murphy, Newmark Frank Knight
Keith Nelms, Kimley-Horn and Associates
Alicia Nelson, NextGen
Heather Neslund, Old Republic Title
Shae Sandoval, Taney Engineering
Anna Saravia, Harsch Investment Properties
Wendi Schweigart, NDL Group – General Contractor
Christina Stanfill, WORTHGROUP Architects and Designers
Sandy Thompson, One Nevada Credit Union
Mike Majewski, Spatial Economic Concepts
Taylor Vasquez, Sun Commercial Real Estate
Tonya Wagle, Bank of Nevada
Dori Walker, Newmark Knight Frank
Mike Zufelt, One Nevada Credit Union

Thank you to our Committee Members:
Committee Chair: Brett Bottenberg, McGinley & Associates
Committee Vice Chair: Michael DiFabbio
Board Liaison: Mike Mixer, SIOR, Colliers International
Dave Bauman, MDL Group
Stacy Blattner, Community Vision, Inc.
Gary Congdon, Lee & Sakahara Architects
Guy Gugino, Wells Fargo Bank
Paul Haber, XIT Solutions
Christopher Hunter, TMC Financing
David Logsdon, Actus
Michael Lowe, Western Elite
Terry O’Connor, Nevada General Construction
Eric Reich, R & O Construction
Eric Rhee, Wells Fargo Bank
Shae Sandoval, Taney Engineering
Bob Stewart, Old Republic Title
Sandy Thompson, One Nevada Credit Union
Cody Walker, City of Henderson

And as always, thank you Katrina and Johna for all that you do!  Once again, thank you to all our fabulous event Sponsors, the awesome Golf Committee and the outstanding Volunteers who made the event a huge success. Congratulations to our winners and we look forward to next year!

Thank you also to everyone who participated in our photo opportunities, you know you want to look! Click here  to check out the photos from the event.

Golf Committee Member & Volunteer Coordinator
Stacy Blattner, General Manager/Broker
Community Vision, Inc.
PH: 702.430.8109 | DIR: 702.410.7802 | |

In early June, the DLI Committee held its 10th Anniversary DLI Alumni Celebration at the Cili Restaurant at Bali Hai Golf Club. Alumni from each of the five DLI classes were invited to attend, as well as the DLI founding committee, NAIOP board members, past committee members, instructors and sponsors. We were also fortunate enough to have 2019 NAIOP Chairman Greg Fuller as a special guest speaker.

The evening began with cocktails and networking while old photos of DLI members were displayed on a slide show. There was a high energy as the room filled with graduates. We had attendees from each of the graduating classes including 2009, 2010, 2014, 2016 and 2018. It was great to see former classmates reunite, graduates of the different classes meet for the first time and members from all the classes connect and engage with old and new friends.

A brief welcome by Chapter President Shawn Danoski sharing the success of the DLI program was followed by emcee Jennifer Levine, CCIM acknowledging the DLI committee founding members, the Development Dudes (and one Dudette), who have donated their time to judge the DLI Graduation Projects throughout the years as well as the many instructors and sponsors. Without the contributions of these NAIOP members, our DLI program would not be the success that it is today.

Jen then introduced Al Beaudette, NAIOP 2008 Chairman and founder of the SoCal Chapter Young Professionals Group, which inspired the DLI program for the Southern Nevada Chapter. He discussed how the DLI program came to life and the value it has brought to both the SoCal and the Southern Nevada chapters.

Next up, 2019 Chairman Greg Fuller shared a bit about NAIOP Corporate and the future of the organization. He spoke on the importance of the DLI program, stressed how DLI graduates are the future leaders of NAIOP, and encouraged everyone to participate at the national level.

The program wrapped up with career successes and highlights of DLI graduates. Out of the 107 graduates, 31 alumni have served as a committee chair, 12 have served as Board members, and one has served as Chapter President and currently sits on the NAIOP Corporate Board. There have been 28 Spotlight Awards and 2 National Merit Awards as a byproduct of the DLI program and yes, even one marriage.

After the program, individuals from each class received a gift and took group photos which we can’t wait to display at the 2029 Twentieth Anniversary Event! Thank you to everyone who made the night special!


DLI Committee Chair
Samantha Flaherty
Fidelity National Title Group – NCS
Mobile: 602.931.9134

Name: Jess Hammond
Title: Administrator
Company: Showcase HVAC Mechanical

Years in the Industry: 11

Where are you originally from and how long have you lived in Las Vegas? I was raised in the small town of Laughlin, Nevada which is about 2 hours south of Las Vegas. I moved to Las Vegas after high school graduation in June of 2002.

What has NAIOP provided you that has helped you grow professionally or personally? NAIOP has so many people who started with nothing and built their businesses from the ground up. That takes true commitment and staying on the right track to complete your goals. I admire the stories, the panel sessions and the conversations that involve successful business people sharing their experiences. This has allowed the next generation, including myself, to have a solid foundation to the continuous growth of Southern Nevada. All in all, NAIOP, has been influential in the concept I can do anything I set my mind to.

What has been your favorite experience or story that happened at a NAIOP event? My favorite experience was during the 2018 Oktoberfest. Competition in front of a large crowd has always been a personal fear of mine. I disregarded my fear, and competed in the stein holding contest. It was so much fun to watch everyone’s expressions in the crowd. After I thought my right arm was going to fall off, I ended up winning 2nd place. Later in the evening, winning the costume competition made up for it though.

Who have you met at a NAIOP event that has influenced you or that you have become close friends with? Natalie Allred is an influential woman in the commercial real estate industry. She has opened her gates of kindness to my personal career growth. I admire her strength, as we are both single mothers. I respect her dedication to Diabetes research after learning her son was diagnosed. I am most thankful for her constant encouragement.

What do you want your legacy to be in the Southern Nevada community? Giving is living. If we stop giving we stop living. I want to be remembered for always being willing to help the person next to me be their best self. I want to be a positive thought for someone when they feel like giving up.

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Title: LV Perspective

Location: South Point Hotel Casino 9777 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89183

When: May 14, 2019

Cost: $115.00 per ticket

Time: 7:30 – 10:30 AM

Description: Now in its 39th year, Perspective is the region’s premier source for community and economic development information, analysis, and forecasting. It has become a valuable resource for a diverse group of companies, ranging from small business entrepreneurs to some of the largest in Nevada, as it not only provides a comprehensive overview of the market as it stands today, but also an economic forecast component to give expert opinion about where the market is headed. Perspective would not be possible without the financial and in-kind contributions of generous community organizations and businesses. The sponsor companies comprising the LVGEA’s Perspective Council put this valuable content in your hands and guide the research and thoughtful analysis.

Event website:

NAIOP’s 2019 Developing Leaders Award honors commercial real estate professionals, 35 years of age and under, for their valued contributions and commitment to the industry. Award recipients will be recognized at CRE.Converge 2019 and, along with their immediate supervisor, will receive complimentary conference registration. Apply by June 28.

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