Title: LV Perspective

Location: South Point Hotel Casino 9777 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89183

When: May 14, 2019

Cost: $115.00 per ticket

Time: 7:30 – 10:30 AM

Description: Now in its 39th year, Perspective is the region’s premier source for community and economic development information, analysis, and forecasting. It has become a valuable resource for a diverse group of companies, ranging from small business entrepreneurs to some of the largest in Nevada, as it not only provides a comprehensive overview of the market as it stands today, but also an economic forecast component to give expert opinion about where the market is headed. Perspective would not be possible without the financial and in-kind contributions of generous community organizations and businesses. The sponsor companies comprising the LVGEA’s Perspective Council put this valuable content in your hands and guide the research and thoughtful analysis.

Event website: https://events.lvgea.org/vegasperspective/

NAIOP’s 2019 Developing Leaders Award honors commercial real estate professionals, 35 years of age and under, for their valued contributions and commitment to the industry. Award recipients will be recognized at CRE.Converge 2019 and, along with their immediate supervisor, will receive complimentary conference registration. Apply by June 28.

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Without governor support, so much would go undone.

NAIOP Southern Nevada would like to congratulate our board member, Jody Walker Belsick, on becoming a NAIOP Governor. This is a prestigious honor among the National NAIOP network. The NAIOP Research Foundation relies heavily on the support of the Governors to shape the industry insights and direct the work of the foundation to identify what the research priorities should be.

Jody W. Belsick, P.E., LEED AP is Practice Builder with Kimley-Horn and Associates and is based in the Las Vegas, Nevada office and has been a NAIOP member for over 10 years. Kimley-Horn is a civil engineering consulting firm with over 80 offices nationwide.  Jody is a registered Professional Engineer in the States of Nevada, Colorado, California and Texas and also is a certified LEED Accredited Professional. Jody obtained her B.S. in Civil Engineering (1997) and Masters in Business Administration (2010) at UNLV and was the President / Owner of Walker Engineering in Las Vegas from 2003 to 2016 before her firm joined Kimley-Horn to expand her practice.  She has over 22 years of hands-on experience in civil engineering specifically land development. Her focus is on sports projects, industrial, retail and office developments in the western United States.

“NAIOP has been a pivotal organization for me in my career not only with keeping up with local and national development issues and trends but to make lifelong relationships.  I chose to become a Governor because I want to support the great things that NAIOP does for our industry.”

Individuals who demonstrate a dedication to the future of the commercial real estate industry and the work of the Research Foundation are invited to accept the lifetime distinction of becoming a governor. Governors support the Foundation’s program of work through their financial contributions, by giving of their time, and sharing their expertise.

Governors have the opportunity to help shape the Foundation’s research agenda by serving on committees and giving direction on the research projects undertaken. Most of all, governors take pride in knowing that their contributions are building the capacity of the Foundation to develop and disseminate best industry practices that advance the profession and make our communities better places to live and work.

Governors enjoy exclusive networking with fellow industry leaders, complimentary research reports and invitations to special events. Additionally, governors are often interviewed and featured in NAIOP publications, such as Development magazine and the biannual Foundation newsletter.

Donors who pledge a contribution of $25,000, or more, payable over 5 years, will become a governor of the Foundation – a lifelong distinction.

For a full list of the National NAIOP Governors, click here to visit the Research Foundation website.

Submitted by:

Cassie Catania-Hsu
President | Broker
Sun Commercial Real Estate, Inc.

Clark County
Nancy Amundsen
Director, Department of Comprehensive Planning

City of Henderson
Stephanie Garcia-Vause
Chief Strategy Officer / Assistant City Manager

City of Las Vegas
Tom Perrigo
Executive Director, Community Development

John Restrepo
RCG Economics

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Do employees need job titles?  Are titles outdated?  Do titles encourage internal competition and stifle cooperation?  Do they disrupt productivity and innovation?  Are they limiting or confining or do they help clarify roles and responsibilities?  A hundred people would probably have a hundred different opinions.  There are countless articles on this topic by seemingly well-informed writers – some in favor and some strongly opposed.  With all the conflicting advice, how to decide what to do?

For many years, I resisted giving titles to our engineers, citing Jim Collins’ book Good to Great that “no one should have a title unless the outside world demanded a title” – and because I feared potential negative consequences like with the guy in this cartoon.  But, I’ve recently realized that the lack of titles (accompanied by clearly defined qualifications and expectations) can make it difficult for an ambitious engineer to gauge where she is on her career path and to see her potential for advancement within the company.

Structural engineering is a team sport, and I worry that an engineer who is given a title may feel as if I’ve just drawn a boundary around what they can or can’t do.  Yet, the last thing I want is for someone to feel like they have to leave us in order to reach their career goals.

So, everyone gets a title.  Good move?  Time will tell.

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Hammer, check. Gloves, check. Coffee, check. We’re gearing up and ready to start Phase 2 of the St. Jude’s Cottage Renovation! Mark your calendars, May 3rd we begin! Thank you all who have donated time and money towards Phase 1.

Please considering donating for the second phase of our project…click here.  Donations $500 or greater will receive special recognition!

Want to help out and volunteer onsite?! Click here for to sign up.  This is a great opportunity to gather your fellow co-workers and have a day of caring with your company!

Street Teens:  Because of the unfortunate break-in that occurred a couple of weeks ago, we are extending our donation & supply drive to April for Street Teens to help get them back up and running. Click here for the details & the updated donation list.


Community Service Committee Chair
Chris Teachman
Lee & Sakahara Architects
702-270-6600 | cteachman@leesaklv.com| www.leesak.com

Dear Fellow Members:

Each year it seems like the time goes by faster and faster. As we close the door on the first quarter of 2019, I couldn’t be prouder of what NAIOP Southern Nevada has accomplished. This organization is filled with amazing people who volunteer their time and expertise to create the best programming and show-stopping events to push NAIOP’s mission forward.

The President’s Panel was the perfect kick off to 2019. These past NAIOP Presidents were instrumental in their leadership within the organization and continue to shape the Southern Nevada commercial real estate community. More than 220 attendees walked away with profound insights and renewed excitement.

NAIOP Southern Nevada also hosted its biggest event of the year, the 22nd Annual Spotlight Awards. The NAIOP in Wonderland themed occasion brought together more than 650 members and guests within the commercial real estate community. I personally want to congratulate all the nominees and award winners and thank Cassie Catania-Hsu, Ashley Gould and the entire Spotlight Committee for creating and facilitating such an entertaining evening. A special shout out to fellow board members, Rod Martin and Jeff LaPour for receiving the Ellie Shattuck Award and Principal Member of the Year. And let’s not forget, John Restrepo, recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award.

In furthering NAIOP’s government affairs and advocacy efforts, Board Members along with Platinum, Gold, and Silver level President’s Circle Sponsors were invited to attend NAIOP Day at the 80th Session of the Nevada State Legislature. On March 7, members made the trip to Carson City with NAIOP’s 2019 public policy initiatives in the forefront to focus on economic development, government funding and the issues of transportation and infrastructure. Members met with elected officials to share NAIOP’s perspective on key topics impacting all of Nevada. If you’re a NAIOP member and interested in learning more, consider joining the Government Affairs Committee held the first Thursday of every month.

As we launch into the second quarter, there are several upcoming events I hope to see you all attend. On April 5th, our Members Only Education Workshop: Public vs Private Land will focus on the land constraints in Southern Nevada. He hope you’re joining us at the new Las Vegas Ballpark for an Aviators game and Members Only Mixer on April 11th. In May, we tee off for the 27th Annual Golf Tournament, at the Spanish Trail Country Club on Friday the 17th. As one final mention, the Community Service Committee is now gearing up for Phase Two of the St. Jude’s Ranch for Children Cottage Renovation, learn how you can get involved.

In closing, I’d like to thank all of our President’s Circle Sponsors, without your generous support and contributions to the Chapter, we wouldn’t be the 12th largest Chapter in the nation and the fifth in growth, year after year.

Shawn Danoski
Chapter President
NAIOP Southern Nevada

When NAIOP’s Community Service Committee geared up to plan their production calendar, there were many opportunities to serve both NAIOP and the Southern Nevada community. With so many members affiliated with non-profit organizations and the committee’s historic success in fundraising, volunteering, and hands on involvement, it only made sense to roll up their sleeves, figuratively and literally, and take on a large-scale project. Over the last few months, our members have helped to transform a resource facility for at-risk and in-need youth and families. This was not the intention when committee member Chris Beets of Newmark Knight Frank first introduced the group to St. Jude’s Ranch for Children in Boulder City, but when members toured the facility, it quickly became clear that this was a project that they wanted to take on with rigor, dedication and actual sweat.

St. Jude’s Ranch for Children is a community of hope and healing that has had a transitional living facility in Boulder City for more than 52 years. St. Jude’s Ranch provides a plethora of resources for children, youth and pregnant and parenting teens facing displacement and challenges due to abuse and neglect. They provide “new chances, new choices and new hope.” Although the committee first intended to add a new building to the Ranch, it was most beneficial to renovate four cottages. This increased the volunteer opportunities and elevated the facility to better serve the people in need.

Fundraising and organizing began in May of 2018. Four months later, ground broke and construction began for Phase One. NAIOP members gathered for five weekends of hammering, painting and tireless work toward improvements for St. Jude’s Ranch residents. Without the large support of The Korte Company, McCarthy Building Company, AJB General Contractor, R&O Construction, Martin-Harris Construction, Roofing Southwest and Colliers Links for Life Foundation and everyone who has donated their time and money, this project would not be possible. Choosing to dedicate a few days of your schedule and monetary donations is wonderful, but what has set NAIOP members apart is their disposition and attitude toward raising the standard for giving back.

Another unique aspect of NAIOP’s community service work is the bringing together of people from diverse backgrounds who typically would not interact on a business level. NAIOP promotes positive community involvement in which members collectively contribute in meaningful ways to better the lives of children. “It has been a wonderful experience,” notes Martin-Harris Construction’s Director of Business Development, Sabrina Borghoff. “I take personal pride in the fact that NAIOP Southern Nevada is always working to build up our community. The volunteers who poured their hearts into renovating these cottages are a huge testament to our membership body. I am honored to surround myself with such an amazing group of individuals.”

St. Jude’s Ranch for Children provides a safe haven for children and youth survivors of trauma and NAIOP is proud to take part in that healing process. “It was easy to catch a glimpse of the impact these homes have,” said Steve Nemer of Harsch Investment Properties. “This experience is not something many of our members would be able to do on a regular work day, so it is with NAIOP’s commitment to make a community impact, that new faces are volunteering, renovating cottages and interacting with partners in ways that transcend the board room. Office and industrial leasing are my lanes, so it was great to hear about the retail side of things as Dan Hubbard and I ripped out an old sink,” he concluded.

Community Service Committee Chair and project manager, Chris Teachman of Lee & Sakahara Architects, is most proud of the hearts of his committee members and other NAIOP volunteers. “The proudest part about this project is that NAIOP came together and went out into the community to help a great organization,” said Teachman. Each NAIOP member comes from a prestigious and busy career, but that does not stop the giving, the unifying, and the betterment of our communities in Southern Nevada.

Click here for details on Phase 2 starting in May!


Communications Committee & Community Service Committee Member
Nancy Cruz
Revolution Engineering
702-514-3361 | nancy@revolutionlv.comwww.revolutionlv.com

Community Service Committee Chair
Chris Teachman
Lee & Sakahara Architects, Inc.
702-270-6600 | cteachman@leesaklv.com| www.leesak.com











Remind you of the first 10 minutes of your last conference call?  You’d think we’d all have this down  by now.  I don’t know what’s more annoying – the five people who each join late and want to be caught up while everyone else waits, the person who has no idea how to work the mute, or the guy who is obviously taking the call in the restroom.

For a painfully accurate yet hilarious YouTube video mocking the “fun” of conference calls, click here.

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Nevada State Development Corp – Evan Dickson

Colliers International

  • Dan Doherty, SIOR; Paul Sweetland, SIOR; Chris Lane, CCIM; and Jerry Doty
  • Chris Clifford, Steve Neiger, CCIM and Brett Rather
  • Stacy Scheer
  • Al Twainy
  • Dean Willmore, SIOR and Mike Willmore


  • Kevin Higgins, SIOR
  • Sean Zaher
  • Zac Zaher

Sun Commercial Real Estate

  • Cathy Jones, SIOR, CCIM
  • John Kirtley
  • Taylor Vasquez

Las Vegas Business Press
March 26, 2019
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