The COVID-19 pandemic is no laughing matter, and we’re taking it very seriously – as we all should.  But in the midst of the resulting stress and worry, some of our engineers have been unable to resist making wise cracks about our social distancing policy, like “It’s an engineer’s dream!” or “What’s the big deal?  I’ve been doing this my whole life.”  We can take the current pandemic very seriously, but it’s still okay to laugh a little.  Smile and be safe.

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A name is the first impression people have of a brand – or of anything, for that matter. Professional associations, just like companies and others, need to make sure that their name best conveys its brand to target audiences.

NAIOP knows this first-hand. In 2008, NAIOP went through an extensive period of research, interviews and member and chapter interaction before rebranding to the NAIOP we know today. The input was varied – some strongly supported a change, while others were not so sure. Chapters in particular were concerned about the cost of rebranding, and also a potential loss of name recognition with lawmakers and other stakeholders.

After all the research and feedback, NAIOP’s Board of Directors and principal members elected to change the association’s name from “National Association of Industrial and Office Properties” to the name most people used anyway – NAIOP (pronounced Ná-opp). With this change, the NAIOP acronym became both a word and the official name. The change was effective Jan. 2, 2009. Our chapter’s name is NAIOP Southern Nevada.

To further identify who we are, we added the definer of Commercial Real Estate Development Association. This isn’t officially part of the name, but is reflected in our logo and how we describe our association. Including the word “development” in the tagline separates NAIOP from other real estate associations, and nods to the increasing desire to include all professionals who work in our industry.

In the end, the goal was to clarify the vision of NAIOP and more accurately define the membership and our mission. NAIOP, the Commercial Real Estate Development Association, has become the leading organization for developers, owners and investors of office, industrial, retail and mixed-use real estate. NAIOP comprises more than 19,000 members nationwide and provides strong advocacy, education and business opportunities through a powerful North American network.

So, as legendary radio show host Paul Harvey used to say, now you know the rest of the story.

Pro tip: Update your resumes and bios using NAIOP, the Commercial Real Estate Development Association, removing outdated references to the National Association of Industrial and Office Properties.


Dencye Tuller
Senior PR Account Executive
B&P Advertising Media Public relations
702-967-2222 |

NAIOP, the Commercial Real Estate Development Association, recently honored NAIOP Southern Nevada Chapter Executive Director Katrina Bruce with the “Outstanding Contribution by a Chapter Executive” award for a large chapter.

The Chapter Merit Awards (CMAs) recognize success in education, special events, membership, legislative advocacy and leadership. CMAs are presented annually at NAIOP’s Chapter Leadership and Legislative Retreat. Recipients are selected by a committee of their peers comprised of volunteer judges. Sixteen chapters and seven NAIOP leaders, including Bruce, received awards at the Chapter Merit Awards Celebration gala in Washington, D.C.

“Katrina has been the backbone and foundation for NAIOP Southern Nevada for three decades,” said 2019 Board of Directors President Shawn Danoski. “Because of her efforts, our chapter consistently ranks among the top 15 chapters in the nation and within the top five in growth year after year.”

Danoski said her forward-thinking management style ensures that the chapter remains fiscally responsible. After navigating the recession, during which time the chapter lost half of its members, Bruce continues to improve the financial stability of the local chapter while maintaining its position as one of the largest NAIOP chapters in the country.


We have done our best to not add to the deluge of email messages about COVID-19.  Instead, we have created a COVID-19 Resource page on our website which is updated regularly with information relevant to the commercial real estate industry.

For Nevada information, the best resource is Nevada Health Response.  Be sure to Subscribe to Updates to receive the daily Situation Reports from Governor Sisolak.

NAIOP Corporate has posted Industry Resources COVID-19 and is hosting webinars, the Advantage Series: CRE Response to COVID-19.

DLI Class # 4 – Finance

Kicking off the new year, the DLI class met on January 13, 2020 at Logic Commercial Real Estate, to discuss and learn about all matters related to commercial finance.

While finance can become quite a bit cumbersome for many, the speakers engaged the DLI class and brought excitement into finance. Tailored around solving problems for our clients early on, the importance of finance was expressed through more than numbers, and stressed the invaluable benefits of building upon relationships made while in the DLI program. The wholistic messaging to engage finance team members early on provided the class with takeaways that will benefit them and their clients, within any role in commercial real estate, for many years to come.

Among these talented speakers were Paola Gonzales; Executive Vice President and Evan Dickson; President of Nevada State Development Corporation, Kyle Nagy; Founder and Director and Matthew Hoyt; Senior Vice President of CommCap Advisors, and Dennis Balletto; Senior Vice President of Bank of Nevada.

Further discussion included the basics of construction lending, the SBA 504 program and who benefits/qualifies, underwriting criteria reviewed during the evaluation of a project and its borrower(s), permanent debt, permanent finance, alternate loan programs available and identifying key terms utilized in the industry that are important for all individuals within the commercial real estate industry.

To bring about even more excitement to the first class of the new year, Jennifer Levine; Senior Vice President of RealComm Advisors, supplied the class with their DLI 2020 Class Project. During this discussion, Jennifer went over the class project, the project scope, the deliverables and all critical dates for our submittals.

Further networking took place at the post class mixer located at SG Bar, where many Board Members and DLI Alumni showed up to greet the class.

A huge thank you to Dennis Balletto and Bank of Nevada for continuing to support the DLI program, and sponsoring this class.

DLI Class # 5 – Investment Analysis

The DLI class met on February 10, 2020 at Logic Commercial Real Estate to discuss and learn about all matters related to the investment analysis portion of a project, from a very unique perspective. This particular class was just introduced this year, and the DLI class was excited to be the first participants to learn about this very important topic, which will strengthen their foundation as they move through the details of their own projects in the future.

The first speaker for this DLI class was Brendan Keating, CEO of Logic Commercial Real Estate. Brendan led the class by discussing project deals, their capital structure, and the high importance of discussing not only the realistic risks, but also all possible risks that could potentially impact the project. The class learned that by collecting all of your data up front, and discussing all potential risks, you are setting yourself up with the proper tools to allow for a successful investment and/or project. Brendan further discussed funds structures, hard money lending, and the overall view of what successful investing looks like.

Following Brendan was speaker Michael Argier, Development Manager of Panattoni Development. Michael shared a lot of information from a development perspective and assisted the class with opening their eyes to a broader view of intelligent investing. The class learned many regularly used terms in the development industry, their importance, and how to apply them in real situations. The class also learned about different valuation methods, budgeting and proformas, profit sharing, understanding exit options, risk factors, forecasting, and much more. With a detailed budgeting presentation, Michael assisted the class in understanding all details that are pertinent in implementing into your proforma, from both a hard and soft cost perspective.

Further networking took place at the post class mixer located at SG Bar, where many Board Members and DLI Alumni showed up to greet the class.

A huge thank you to Reed Gottesman, Senior Vice President and Regional Manager of Harsch Investment Properties for continuing to support the DLI program, and sponsoring this class. Reed gifted the class with Productivity Planners, a tool that will surely help the DLI class succeed.


2020 DLI Class Vice President

Christina Stanfill, Director of Project Development

WORTHGROUP Architects & Designers

Cell 702.575.8024 | |

Name: Dave Ray
Title: Principal
Company: GRN Vision

Years in the Industry: 10

Where are you originally from and how long have you lived in Las Vegas?
I was born in California, grew up on a farm in Virginia, high school in Florida and collage at UMASS Amherst.

What has NAIOP provided you that has helped you grow professionally or personally?
NAIOP has provided great opportunists to network and to also meet other professionals that are a great resource.

What has been your favorite experience or story that happened at a NAIOP event?
Walking into NAIOP Government Affairs and seeing a room full of interested attendees. Having worked with other groups on their Government Affairs, NAIOP far exceeds.

Who have you met at a NAIOP event that has influenced you or that you have become close friends with?
I have met too many great people to name just one.  Between the monthly meetings and committee meetings, surrounding myself with professionals has provided resources for our clients as well as great contacts.

What do you want your legacy to be in the Southern Nevada community?
Helping clients and employees reach their goals, while making the community a better place to live.

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Name: Chris Hunter
Title: Senior Vice President, Business Development Officer
Company: TMC Financing

Years in the Industry: 20

Where are you originally from and how long have you lived in Las Vegas?
I’m from a small town on the Oregon Coast, North Bend. I worked in SBA lending for 10 years in Utah and I have now been in Las Vegas for 14 years.

What has NAIOP provided you that has helped you grow professionally or personally?
Their breakfast programs have been a great source of information. They provide plenty of time to visit before and afterwards, great mixers and great opportunities to visit some of the new facilities for tours, etc. I also enjoy seeing my colleagues.

What has been your favorite experience or story that happened at a NAIOP event?
It was through NAIOP that I found out one of my peers was going out on their own with their own business. At the time, the company I worked for had an extra office available. I knew they wouldn’t mind the extra lease income, so he was able to start his business out of a professional office for a minimal lease payment and I believe he still is there.

Who have you met at a NAIOP event that has influenced you or that you have become close friends with?
I have been attending for so long, I can’t specifically remember whom, but I do know it has strengthened relationships and sometimes with real busy schedules allowed me to see friends in an atmosphere to enjoy their friendship. I learn from everyone I meet. I am an old dog that tries to learn new tricks, so I have been influenced by most people I have met.

What do you want your legacy to be in the Southern Nevada community?
I always wanted to be the first person on people’s minds when they think of SBA loans. I want that because they know I am trustworthy, forthright and hopefully make them feel good about themselves.

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April 1, 2020

Dear Colleagues,

There is something to be said for routine.  It is comforting and it brings order to our lives, something we could really use now.  The past couple of weeks have been anything but routine or normal.  I’ve been officing from home and learning the hard way how much I don’t know about conference calling and how easily I get distracted.  It’s not good.  Conference calls with a project manager or a consultant have kept me centered, but inevitably someone brings up COVID-19 and we begin sharing stories about how we’re coping(or not) with the toilet paper shortage, over-snacking and under-exercising, and our local “stay at home” or “lockdown” restrictions.  Parents, you have my greatest respect and admiration for dealing with all the challenges work has to offer and keeping your kids engaged and happy during this crisis.  While I’m trying to figure out how many weeks I can go without a haircut, you’re just trying to maintain peace in the household…props to you!

As you know, last weekend was going to be our fabulous Spotlight event; our night to shine a light on all of the deserving people and projects that have helped make our City a better place to live and work, and our business community one to be admired.  We were going to follow that up with the kind of dynamic breakfast and educational programs we are known for, as well as our annual Golf Tournament.  In the past two weeks, we have had to retool some of those programs and postpone these popular events until later in the year, but we still intend to have them.   As for what our Chapter has accomplished in Q1 of this year, check out the following list:

  • In January, we co-hosted our Forecast 2020 with Lied Institute for Real Estate Studies offering CE Credit to over 300 attendees.
  • Twelve Chapter Members attended the NAIOP Chapter Leadership & Legislative Retreat in Washington DC in early March.
  • We met with all of Nevada’s elected Federal Delegation or staff in conjunction with NAIOP Northern Nevada members.
  • Our own Katrina Bruce received the Chapter Merit Award for Outstanding Contribution by a Chapter Executive for large chapters.
  • Our February Breakfast Meeting was a packed room with 212 attendees featuring a Retail Panel with Brian Sorrentino, CCIM of ROI Commercial Real Estate Inc., Bryan Wachter of the Retail Association of Nevada, Stan Wasserkrug of Remington Nevada and moderated by Dan Adamson of ROI Commercial Real Estate Inc.
  • We held our Winter Members Only Mixer at Stoney’s Rockin’ Country. Click here to check out the event photos.
  • We held our first Members Only Education Workshop of the year with 57 attendees. Curt Ledford of Davison Van Cleve moderated a discussion with Michelle Lindsay with NV Energy and  Jennifer Taylor with the Nevada Governor’s Office of Energy.
  • And finally, our Community Service Committee collected food for the pantry of the Ronald McDonald House and participated in the Make-A-Wish Walk For Wishes 5K and 1 mile walk.

Staying connected in a meaningful way has weighed on my mind since the beginning of this crisis.  The Board and Committee Chairs have been talking about this and sharing ideas.  We will be reaching out to you in the next week or so to give you information on the virtual April 16th breakfast and other membership forums.  In the meantime, please reach out to us with any ideas of your own for programs or ways to interact using this link.  We value your input and want the resources of this Chapter to be there for you.  One idea that has been floated:  Zoom a virtual cocktail hour with a display where participants can share whatever is on their mind.  Sounds like a cross between the Brady Bunch opening and the virtual dance parties DJ D-Nice is doing on Instagram.  Could be a disaster, but that could be the fun of it!  I can’t set it up, but Katrina’s team can!

During this time of social distancing, it is so vital that we shore each other up, stay connected, and share ideas and strategies for how we do business during this time and beyond.  I imagine this “new normal” will profoundly change the way we approach our work, our neighbors, and each other.  We all talk about achieving more balance in our lives; maybe this is our opportunity to do something about that.  I heard someone say last week that people always complain that they never have enough time to learn something new or teach themselves a new skill.  Well, now we have it.  I’m going to learn the kazoo.  Start small. 🙂

Be safe, be kind, and take care of yourself!

In good health,




Julie Cleaver
The Howard Hughes Corporation
NAIOP Southern Nevada President

EVENT POSTPONED Congratulations to the 2020 Spotlight Awards Project Merit Award Winners, Honor Award Nominees and Industry Award Nominees. We hope you will join us to support our honorees at our 23rd Annual Spotlight Awards on Saturday, March 28, 2020 at Red Rock Casino, Resort & Spa, 11011 W Charleston Blvd. Las Vegas, NV 89135 […]

Over 150 of the top Architecture and Engineering Firms in the United States and Canada were represented at the 2019 Zweig Conference to receive awards for the nation’s Best Firms to Work For. The Best Firm to Work For award recognizes the top A/E firms in the US and Canada based on an anonymous surveys and criteria such as workplace practices, benefits, and retention rates. During the event, four NAIOP Southern Nevada member firms were recognized in several categories as a “Best Firm to Work For”.

  • Wright Engineers – #1 Best Structural Engineering Firm to Work For (for the second year in a row!) & #2 Best Firm to Work for 50-99 Employees. “Since the majority of the scoring is based on anonymous feedback from our employees, it’s gratifying to see that our people are truly happy and thriving here,” – Wright founder and CEO Brent Wright.
  • Geotechnical & Environmental Services, Inc. – #1 Best Geotechnical Engineering Firm to Work For & #7 Best Firm to Work For 1-49 Employees. “While GES is proud to have been named the best geotechnical firm to work for at the Zweig national awards gala, it also motivates us to strive towards building a solid team of individuals who work well together and support each other!” – GES founder and President – Greg DeSart
  • Westwood Professional Services, Inc. – #7 Best Firm to Work For 200+ Employees “We look to the Zweig award for feedback from our team and a benchmark for how we compare to the industry.  We like to be able to get candid, confidential feedback from our employees and we like to see how that feedback and our programs compare to the industry and to our competitors.  Lastly when the feedback and benchmarking is good, we like our clients, employees and our perspective employees to know how we compare.  It is a quality measure for our HR team.”  – Kevin Larabee, Westwood’s Vice President, Human Resources
  • Carpenter Sellers Del Gatto Architects – #9 Best Architectural Firm to Work for & #21 Best Firm to Work For 1-49 Employees “ The award is a reflection of the culture we have fostered with our amazing team members and the passion they bring to their work every day” – Carpenter Sellers Del Gatto Principal – Mike Del Gatto

Congratulations to all of these firms!

Matthew Weinberger
Business Development Manager
Geotechnical & Environmental Services, Inc.
702-365-1001 ||