Developing Leaders Institute 10th Anniversary Celebration

In early June, the DLI Committee held its 10th Anniversary DLI Alumni Celebration at the Cili Restaurant at Bali Hai Golf Club. Alumni from each of the five DLI classes were invited to attend, as well as the DLI founding committee, NAIOP board members, past committee members, instructors and sponsors. We were also fortunate enough to have 2019 NAIOP Chairman Greg Fuller as a special guest speaker.

The evening began with cocktails and networking while old photos of DLI members were displayed on a slide show. There was a high energy as the room filled with graduates. We had attendees from each of the graduating classes including 2009, 2010, 2014, 2016 and 2018. It was great to see former classmates reunite, graduates of the different classes meet for the first time and members from all the classes connect and engage with old and new friends.

A brief welcome by Chapter President Shawn Danoski sharing the success of the DLI program was followed by emcee Jennifer Levine, CCIM acknowledging the DLI committee founding members, the Development Dudes (and one Dudette), who have donated their time to judge the DLI Graduation Projects throughout the years as well as the many instructors and sponsors. Without the contributions of these NAIOP members, our DLI program would not be the success that it is today.

Jen then introduced Al Beaudette, NAIOP 2008 Chairman and founder of the SoCal Chapter Young Professionals Group, which inspired the DLI program for the Southern Nevada Chapter. He discussed how the DLI program came to life and the value it has brought to both the SoCal and the Southern Nevada chapters.

Next up, 2019 Chairman Greg Fuller shared a bit about NAIOP Corporate and the future of the organization. He spoke on the importance of the DLI program, stressed how DLI graduates are the future leaders of NAIOP, and encouraged everyone to participate at the national level.

The program wrapped up with career successes and highlights of DLI graduates. Out of the 107 graduates, 31 alumni have served as a committee chair, 12 have served as Board members, and one has served as Chapter President and currently sits on the NAIOP Corporate Board. There have been 28 Spotlight Awards and 2 National Merit Awards as a byproduct of the DLI program and yes, even one marriage.

After the program, individuals from each class received a gift and took group photos which we can’t wait to display at the 2029 Twentieth Anniversary Event! Thank you to everyone who made the night special!


DLI Committee Chair
Samantha Flaherty
Fidelity National Title Group – NCS
Mobile: 602.931.9134