DLI 2020 Graduates Final Thoughts on the Worst and Best of 2020

We asked our 2020 DLI Class Graduates their thoughts on what they will miss the most about 2020 and what they are most excited to leave behind in 2020.  Here’s what a few said:

Emily Dobbins, Nigro Construction
I am looking forward to being able to purchase Lysol and disinfecting wipes on a regular basis! I am also very excited to travel in 2021.

Thomas Godbout, First Savings Bank
Something I am looking forward to leaving behind is the zoom calls instead of being in person socializing with everyone.  I cannot wait until we can all get together again.

What I will miss the most is helping out as many fellow NAIOP members with their PPP loans.  It felt great to be able to help out so many people during these difficult times.

Jordan Leavitt, Leavitt Insurance Agency
I’ll miss kicking butt and taking names with Gabe’s Babes in 2020.

Matt Patros, CBRE
I am really looking forward to leaving behind having to wear a mask and I don’t think I’m going to miss ANYTHING about this past year I can’t have in the next one!

Armand (AJ) Rodrigues, Geotechnical & Environmental Services, Inc.
I will be looking forward to no longer having to put on a mask when I get up and make a cup of coffee at work!

Anna Saravia, Harsch Investment Properties
I’m excited to leave virtual happy hours in 2020!

Christina Stanfill, WORTHGROUP Architects and Designers
One thing that I will miss most about 2020 is the creativity and unstoppable mentality that everyone has come up with to still be together, while apart. Truly inspiring and impressive!

One thing that I will not miss are my bank statements from my new found dependence for online shopping… and explaining to my better half why there are mounds of Amazon packages at our front door every day!