DLI Class #7 Review – Real Estate Operations

DLI Class #7 happened on April 9th, 2018. The topic was real estate operations from an owners’ perspective and was held at a redevelopment project that is currently under transformation by Harsch Investment Properties. The Sunset Airport Center is a good representation of how different types of owners analyze investments based on their business plan and the value that projects can bring to an area. We were taught about different ownership groups, types of acquisitions, dispositions, redevelopment, REITs and the value of each of these strategies.

Reed Gottesman, VP- Regional Director of Leasing for Harsch, discussed the value they bring to their portfolio, using Sunset Airport Center as an example of an opportunity where one group had to sell low because of mismanagement and their strength as a long-term holder and on-site management guru to stabilize and improve the asset. Between the low cost/sf basis and minor upgrades needed, Harsch was able to double rents and use the new equity for their next project in record time.

Natasha Conner, also with the company, spoke about leasing and property management, discussed property amenities and gave a tour of the building, including both completed buildings and one still in the midst of a remodel. The finished product looked awesome! The class took notes on how this might help them in their business and a common theme was… be the best at what you do! Many thanks to Harsch Investment Properties for sponsoring the class.


2018 DLI Class Vice President
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