DLI Class #8 was held in Downtown Summerlin and covered Marketing. The class was sponsored by 10 Nine Design Group and the presenters were Danielle Bisterfeldt, Vice President of Marketing – Summerlin at The Howard Hughes Corporation and Bridget Richards of Sunset Development Partners.

A variety of different types of marketing were covered such as brand awareness, personal brand along with target marketing. Methods of marketing included everything from developing marketing campaigns all the way to million dollar signage and digital ads. Key points from the class were to always be intentional with your marketing, knowing your audience, having a good call to action, having a multi-pronged approach and knowing that the industry and group of people is small and that word travels fast (good and bad).

Whether you’re a national developer like Howard Hughes or are marketing your first property, the best marketing is well thought out, targeted, relevant and genuine. Our DLI Class will incorporate these key points into our class projects and future marketing plans for sure!

2018 DLI Class Vice President
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