DLI Class Recap – July 2023

DLI Class #7 – Navigating the Construction Process

On April 10, 2023, the 7th DLI class took place, led by the esteemed team at Burke Construction. The session focused on a comprehensive exploration of the construction process, encompassing the various systems and approaches to ground-up development projects. Held at the Harry Reid Tech Park, a notable construction project by Burke, the class offered an immersive experience. Following the informative presentation, attendees were given the opportunity to tour the facility, gaining firsthand exposure to the discussed construction components and witnessing fascinating ongoing projects by UNLV students.

We extend our sincere gratitude to Burke Construction for sponsoring this class.

DLI Class #8 – Marketing & Networking

The 8th DLI class convened on May 8, 2023, under the guidance of industry experts Dan Doherty (Colliers), Paul Sweetland (Colliers), and Dan Palmeri (CBRE). This session emphasized the significance of marketing and branding strategies within your business. Dan Doherty and Paul Sweetland offered insights from a team perspective, emphasizing the importance of marketing and branding for your clients. Dan Palmeri delved into the realm of personal branding on platforms such as LinkedIn and Instagram. He shared his success in establishing himself as a tenant rep broker in Las Vegas, encouraging attendees to develop a personable and distinctive presence on social media, leading to increased business opportunities.

Our appreciation goes to Panattoni Development Company for their sponsorship of this class.

DLI Class #9 – Real Estate Operations – Operating a Large RE Portfolio/Asset Management

The 9th DLI class was held on June 12, 2023, where we heard from industry professionals Lisa Brady (Prologis), Reed Gottesman (Schnitzer) and Amanda McCauley (Schnitzer). They have all had incredible successes throughout their careers as developers and we were honored to hear them speak about “how to play at being a developer”. They provided the class with insightful information on how the development process works and what they development playbook looks like. They ended the class with advice for us all as we advance in our careers.

We extend our sincerest thanks to Wallin Construction for their sponsorship of this class.

Apart from the monthly group sessions, each individual group is diligently working on finalizing their development projects, which will be presented to the Dudes on September 11, 2023. We wish all the groups the best of luck in their endeavors!


Class Vice President:
Megan McInerney
Associate Vice President | Las Vegas – Office Division
Colliers International
(702) 836-3700 | megan.mcinerney@colliers.com