Nevada State Treasurer Zach Conine has extended the Commercial Rental Assistant Grant program, making grant funds available to aid commercial landlords and tenants, as they work together to survive the current economic downturn. Should a landlord agree to the terms (generally, a 90-day forbearance of eviction action), grant funding up to $10,000 (per tenant applicant) will be paid directly to the landlord, as payment for past rent. To qualify, a tenant needs to show a 30% or greater reduction in revenue.

Treasurer Conine has now eased some of the restrictions on the program. Tenants who received PPP loans are no longer disqualified. In addition, the tenants can now apply the funds to future rent in the event they have stayed current.

Application deadline is Tuesday, September 8, 2020 at 5:00 pm

Please contact Jon or Kerrie for further details.

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