Government Affairs Report – February 2023

“Blow, blow, thou winter wind Thou art not so unkind, As man’s ingratitude.”
– William Shakespeare

Storms pounding the pacific northwest.  Accumulation measured in feet.  “Atmospheric River” is again part of daily conversation.  Odd year.  Jon’s grumpy(ier).  Kerrie’s resolution to clean up her language died 2 weeks ago.

It must be time for another Legislative Session.

But while certain constants remind us of what is to come, such as Kerrie’s texts increasingly mentioning waterfowl, certain changes give hope that some things will be different.

The election of Joe Lombardo as Governor is one of those changes, and a direct message from the voters to the parties that candidates matter; platform matters; and to borrow one from Ralston, #wematter.  While the national stage is important, there are larger issues at home, and it is time to start dealing with these things, as opposed to hastily adopting poorly conceived legislation simply to waive around a “vanity plate.”

On January 23, 2023, Governor Lombardo sent a message to Nevadans on his way out the door, when he responded to a reporter’s question of what he was most looking forward to as Governor by muttering into a hot mic, “getting sh*t done.”  The message, combined with the more formal speech, could not have been more clear: budget surplus, but mitigated and targeted spending, dollars spent will come with accountability, and almost seemingly answering NAIOP’s mantra for the last several years, provide actual executive leadership in the two most critical issues facing Nevada – water and land.  And while these resources are regulated by the federal government, Governor Lombardo made plain his intent to roll up his sleeves and “get sh*t done.”

And so, as Jon and Kerrie delve into pre-filed bills and track BDR’s, we do so with a different set of “eyes.”  Bills and BDR’s put forth seemingly assuming a “rubber stamp” will likely not be as easy to move.  Legislation assumed to be DOA suddenly has a pulse.  And Carson City, sure as the winter snow will fall, will come to life with new relevance in 2 short weeks.

We look forward to seeing you in March.



Jon Leleu
Argentum Partners

Kerrie Kramer
Argentum Partners