Government Affairs Report – April 2022

Dear Principal Members and President Circle Sponsors,

This email is a follow up to the Government Affairs Alerts sent in December and January regarding the proposed Evaporative Cooling Systems ban. As you may be aware, on December 8, 2021, Clark County proposed a ban on all evaporative cooling systems. On December 20, 2021, the Southern Nevada Water Authority Board passed a resolution supporting a county-wide moratorium on the use of evaporative cooling systems. This resolution directed all local jurisdictions to begin working toward ordinances and/or other administrative measures (through procedure, building codes, or otherwise) that would no longer allow evaporative cooling systems to be used for any new commercial project.

At this time, no ban or moratorium has officially been placed into effect at any local municipality, although Clark County has already begun inserting advisory language into all “Notice Of Final Action” letters for new projects that such systems will be banned. Here is an example of that language (submitted to us by a NAIOP member):

“Applicant is advised that the installation and use of cooling systems that consumptively use water will be prohibited.”

In response to these actions, the NAIOP Southern Nevada Government Affairs Committee formed a subcommittee tasked with managing this issue and working with industry and community stakeholders to both advocate for the commercial real estate industry and educate and inform community leadership of potential economic impacts.

Within the first several weeks of the new year, it became clear from several conversations and inquiries that our elected officials and the Southern Nevada Water Authority Board needed to hear from our industry on the issue. The subcommittee drafted the attached letter, which was sent to every commissioner, councilperson, and mayor in Southern Nevada. Additionally, local trade organizations responsible for economic growth in Southern Nevada received a copy of the letter.

As we move forward with DRI studies, we will also be reaching out to our principal members for additional information that we will need in order to complete Economic Impact Summaries. We ask that our principal members be ready to help NAIOP in the coming weeks.

There is no doubt that our region is currently experiencing a drought worse than experts expected. It would be reasonable for our members to expect numerous changes in the coming months and years regarding how our community uses water. It is our job to advocate for our industry in a manner that is considerate of our community’s best interests, as community leadership attempts to navigate current climate realities.

Should you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact chapter leadership.

Thank you.


Hayim Mizrachi
Chapter President
NAIOP Southern Nevada Chapter
(702) 941-7376

Steve Neiger
Government Affairs Chair
NAIOP Southern Nevada Chapter
(702) 836-3760