Government Affairs Report – August 2017

I think we’re at the crossroads – whether we want to be the entertainment capital of the world or a great American city. Our economy is good. Things are so wonderful in Las Vegas and it’s time to move to the next level.

– Oscar B. Goodman, 2005

Oftentimes in government, issues come full-circle. That moment presents an opportunity to change course or continue the cycle. Moving away from comfortable norms requires innovation, imagination, and guts on the part of elected officials, staff, industry, and citizens. While trust can be hard, especially when it comes to governmental action, nothing can be accomplished unless decisions are made, and actions are taken.

Following the 2008 recession, Las Vegas reeled as the local economy found itself looking up from the bottom of the national heap, seemingly overnight. Once thought invincible, the Las Vegas economic engine was exposed as one-dimensional, and highly susceptible to market volatility. As Las Vegas has charted an upward trend toward recovery, there is no question Las Vegas’ road to recovery has been rocky, particularly in CRE and development. With local governments have becoming more active as they build the foundation of a more secure economy, the CRE and development industries have been forced to adapt as the ground has seemingly shifted beneath their feet. Creativity has taken many forms – from economic development to revision of local codes – and caused some growing pains in the CRE and development industries, as they have been forced to re-evaluate the ways in which they have done past business, familiarize themselves with new regulations, and develop best practices within these new strictures to ensure future success.

NAIOP has dramatically increased its visibility in southern Nevada local government in recent months, and the results have been profound. Led by Mike Shohet, Jody Belsick, George Garcia, Rod Martin, Gary Congdon, and Adam Malan, the Government Affairs Committee was instrumental in working with Clark County staff to provide guidance and real-world application on proposed amendments to the parking code. Along with President Jay Heller, the Committee spent hours revising language, met with staff in several stakeholder meetings, built coalitions with other affected industry associations, and negotiated with County Commissioners until – literally – hours before the ordinance was to be heard by the Clark County Planning Commission to come to a point where NAIOP could publicly support staff’s proposed revisions. NAIOP’s public support of the parking ordinance produced unexpected, yet welcome praise (on the record, no less) from Commissioners Kirkpatrick, Giunchigliani, and Sisolak and left staff knowing it has a partner in future endeavors bettering the Las Vegas valley.

With Clark County’s parking ordinance out of the way, NAIOP moves on to Henderson with the same fervor. Prepared with comments and the needs of its members in mind, NAIOP will meet with Henderson Planning staff in the coming weeks to ensure its voice is heard and a favorable outcome is reached. Amongst its top priorities will be the parking ordinance and west Henderson maintaining the commercial zoning already in place.

Odds and Ends:

As we quickly move into 2018, the Clark County Commission will see many changes. At a minimum we will see two new Clark County Commissioners with Commissioners Chris Giunchigliani and Susan Brager coming to the end of their terms. There are many rumors as to who will run for their seats, among those names are Tick Segerblom, J.T. Moran, Justin Jones, and Tish Black. Newly appointed Commissioner Jim Gibson will run to maintain his seat, while Commission Chairman Steve Sisolak has announced he will run for Governor. The whole of the Clark County Commission will turn over due to term limits, save Marilyn Kirkpatrick (and Jim Gibson should he successfully retain his seat) by 2020.

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