Government Affairs Report – October 2019

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As October begins and we start the last quarter of 2019, with cooler temperatures (finally), we thought it important to draw quick attention to the issues NAIOP is actively working on.

Clark County Water Reclamation
Capacity issues and charging shell-only development connection fees equaling the entirety of the estimated ERUs for the project have been a huge issue this year. NAIOP continues to work with Water Rec to find alternative solutions for these issues, including giving shell developers 4 years, plus extensions to determine capacity and pay based on actual usage.

City of North Las Vegas
Recently, the city implemented a fee increase; however, due to lowered bond requirements and the small nature of the increase, the impact is not a blow to the industry.

Southern Nevada Water Authority
SNWA came to NAIOP looking for support to eliminate the sunset on a quarter-cent sales tax, that was to sunset in 2025. This revenue supports infrastructure and is used for water treatment and transmission projects. After a presentation by SNWA to the Government Affairs committee, NAIOP along with most major business interests in the valley supported the measure before the Clark County Board of Commissioners.

City of Las Vegas Building and Safety
The city is looking for industry input as they look to raise their fees, which have not been raised since 2010. Government Affairs committee members are working closely with the City of Las Vegas on the issue.

Clark County Enterprise Land Use Plan
NAIOP members will attend a meeting with Clark County to discuss potential changes to the plan.

Clark County and the City of Henderson
Both entities are looking for stakeholder input as they look to update their development codes. Currently, the Board of County Commissioners has instructed staff to look at potential updates to Title 30, whereas Henderson is already seeking stakeholder input. NAIOP has a seat at the table in both places and is working hard to make necessary, common sense contributions.

CMA Surplus Land Auction
After the passage of SB 36, which in part allows the County to take the median price between two appraisals, in order to auction parcels, the County will hold an auction. The auction will take place in the 4th quarter of 2019, with 136 acres going up for sale. All parcels are listed on the County’s website.

City of Las Vegas Homelessness
NAIOP continues to work with the City to come up with a more workable solution to homelessness, than that of raising sewer fees and real estate transfer taxes in order to generate the revenue. NAIOP continues to meet with City staff on a fair and balanced solution, that will not adversely impact business.

Odds & Ends
Nevada became a State on October 31, 1864.  The day became known as Nevada Day, and many states celebrate similar dates, calling them “Statehood Day,” or “Admission Day,” or another variation.  Until 2000, “Nevada Day” was formally celebrated on October 31.  That said, via referendum in 1998, voters informed the Legislature they wanted the date changed to the last Friday in October, to give folks a 3-day weekend.  The 1999 Nevada Legislature did just that, and in 2000, Nevada Day became the last Friday in October.  Interestingly, until 2000, many Northern Nevada cities, including Carson City, celebrated Halloween on October 30, so as not to overlap Nevada Day.  The net result? Many Northern Nevada children celebrated Halloween for 2 days; first in the capital which included trick-or-treating at the Governor’s Mansion, and then in their neighborhoods.


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