The Governor’s Office of Energy held a workshop and adoption hearing regarding the 2021 IECC adoption. There were two proposed appendices dealing with EV charging stations and parking calculations for both commercial and residential developments.

Ultimately what ended up happening was the GOE lowered some of the thresholds and did not formally adopt the appendices with the code. What they did was hand the appendices to the local municipalities as a guide for what they can pass through ordinance. Included are the links to the amended appendices.

We will be monitoring the local jurisdictions, as Clark County and Henderson are doing comprehensive code rewrites as we speak, and we will likely see some of this included in those code rewrites. The City of Las Vegas and the City of Henderson are also looking to adopt the 2021 IBC and IFC codes, so they are a candidate for adoption of the EV charging station appendices as well.

This issue will impact every aspect of commercial real estate, and we need your help! Please take some time to review and provide comments that will help NAIOP navigate this at the local level.

Click here for the proposals.


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