Government Affairs Report – May 2016

NAIOP Government Affairs Report
May, 2016


One small step for commercial properties, one giant step for NAIOP.


In a recent Las Vegas Business Press, our current President of the Board Michael Shohet was quoted extensively on the subject of license fees for lessors. At issue was a plan by the City of Las Vegas to force commercial property owners to obtain a business license for property that is leased out. NAIOP members came out swinging and as a result, the City has placed a moratorium on the enforcement of the requirement until July so that it can be vetted further.


Shohet has helped position NAIOP as a knowledgeable and respected industry voice.  While this is great news, there is no time to sit back and wait and see what our next steps will be. July will be here before we know it.  We need to remain vigilant and attentive to the process.  We need to enlist the aid of others who are impacted – commercial realtors, small businesses – and we need to engage with our elected officials.


Exposure such as this really helps position NAIOP as an industry leader and economic driver.  Combined with our recent involvement with the recent tax workshops, and NAIOP members taking the time to carve out chunks of time to meet with candidates for local and state offices, we are continuing to show that we are involved and diligent about protecting the industry and those industries that operate in and around commercial and industrial properties.


Government Affairs Report – April 25, 2106

Susan L. Fisher
Vice President, Government Affairs Group
McDonald Carano Wilson, LLP