Making the most of your NAIOP Membership

As a non profit professional organization, NAIOP Southern Nevada understands how valuable volunteering is to you as well as the organization.

We know, people like to do business with other people they know, like and trust.  This might not be true when you order a new $5 coffee mug on Amazon, but it’s particularly true when millions of dollars are being invested in a project.  So, while you might get lucky occasionally and land a deal at a breakfast meeting, it’s more likely that you will need to invest more time and energy into these relationships before they begin bearing fruit.

Getting involved in NAIOP provides several opportunities to develop those relationships.  There are nearly a dozen committees and events to volunteer for with a wide variety of time needed to be an active member.  These committees can be as small as six or seven, or much larger like the Spotlight committee. The smaller committee groups provide a dramatically easier setting to get to know somebody compared to the huge room full of people at the monthly breakfasts.  It’s quite possible you will not get the opportunity to talk to the same person at two consecutive breakfasts, but it’s almost certain you will strike up a conversation with the same people at a committee meeting.

And there is a committee for every taste.  If community service is your calling, you can join the committee bearing that very name.  Maybe you’re a golf fanatic.  There is a committee for that. Or perhaps you want to meet as many people as possible while still building relationships with committed NAIOP members.  If so, the membership committee may be the place for you.

Whatever drives you, NAIOP provides the right vehicle to get you involved and pull the very most return on your investment in membership.

For a full list of committees, visit the NAIOP website, to find the committee that suits you best.