Member Highlight – Wendi Schweigart

Name: Wendi Schweigart
Title: Director of Marketing
NDL Group, Inc.
Years in the Industry: 20+

Where are you originally from and how long have you lived in Las Vegas? I was born in Los Angeles but moved to Las Vegas when I was 4; so I consider myself a local.

What has NAIOP provided you that has helped you grow professionally or personally? NAIOP has provided me with genuine relationships with people in the industry who, without the organization, I probably never would have had the benefit of interacting with.  NAIOP gives a platform to spend time together, through various committees and events, that foster organic relationships which would be hard to come by in a different setting.

What has been your favorite experience or story that happened at a NAIOP event? My favorite NAIOP event is the Spotlight Awards.  I am on the Spotlight Awards committee and to see all of the hard work that the members put in to making the event successful. Watching the event come to fruition is a true highlight of my year.

Who have you met at a NAIOP event that has influenced you or that you have become close friends with? The person I’ve met through NAIOP who has both influenced me and I’ve become friends with is Cassie Catania-Hsu.  She is a powerhouse in our industry.  Always leading by example, she has shown me what it truly means to be a powerful woman in Commercial Real Estate.  As a woman in this industry we walk a fine line between being seen as powerful or aggressive, a leader or being bossy,  passionate or emotional.  By following Cassie’s example I hope I’ve been able to find the balance.

What do you want your legacy to be in the Southern Nevada community?  I hope my legacy in Southern Nevada will be that I was a good person who always tried to pay it forward.  Through hard work and a great amount of luck, I’ve been blessed with many amazing opportunities.  I hope that I can share the good fortune I’ve had with those around me and make our community a better place to be.


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