Member Highlight – Elena Otter

Name: Elena Otter
Title: Marketing and Business Development Manager
Company: Carpenter Sellers Del Gatto Architects
Years in the Industry: 16

Where are you originally from?  I was born in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. My family moved to California when I was 5 and made a final move to Las Vegas at the age of 8.

What has NAIOP provided you that has helped you grow professionally or personally? I have been a member of the NAIOP Southern Nevada Chapter since 2012. Back then I was working for a General Contractor, that’s when I met the Principals of Carpenter Sellers Del Gatto Architects (CSD) at one of NAIOP’s events. During the last recession the GC firm pulled out of the Las Vegas market, Rick Sellers and Michael Del Gatto reached out and I came to work for CSD, now almost 9 years ago!

NAIOP has provided both CSD and I with numerous opportunities. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting many amazing people that I consider friends, and that I can reach out to anytime for market information, advice, or just to catch up. These relationships we’ve enjoyed have also led us to multiple project opportunities. NAIOP members are involved in most every project we work on.

Not only are the networking opportunities valuable, but the programs provide a wealth of knowledge. I appreciate that our chapter strives to be relevant and they go above and beyond at keeping their members in the know of the latest happenings in our industry.

What has been your favorite experience? I have too many fun memories to share from my last nine years as a member. I do love the mixers and look forward to the fun events throughout the year, mainly because I appreciate how our members love to “embrace the cheesiness.” It feels like it’s one large family and everyone enjoys each other’s company. I believe that’s one reason we all work well together outside the meetings.

I will say that it was a pretty cool experience to be able to walk up on stage with the principals of CSD, three times now, at Spotlight Awards programs and receive the Architecture Firm of the Year recognition.

Who have I met or become closer friends with at NAIOP: I’ve been blessed with a number of friendships that have blossomed from a NAIOP event. It always puts a smile on my face to see so many friendly faces at the NAIOP meetings and I’m always eager to get to know more of the members better. One of the best experiences has been getting to see so many of those friends grow professionally over the years, and we’ve grown together! A couple of friends and mentors I met at NAIOP are Dennis Balletto and Sabrina Borghoff. It’s been a true pleasure watching them grow and they have definitely been a big part in helping me shape my professional career as well. I’m very thankful for all my NAIOP friends!

What do you want your legacy to be in the Southern Nevada community? I love connecting people and with people. I enjoy building relationships and hope that those I connect with find value in what I bring to the table and a friend in the business. I want people to know that they can reach out to me to help them find information or to connect with the right person. Our valley has so much going for it, growing at record speeds and it’s exciting to be a small part of it.

I appreciate the opportunities the NAIOP Committees have offered over the years to give back, especially the Community Service Committee. It’s amazing how much our members do for Southern Nevada and I’m proud to be a part of that.


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