Member Highlight – Melissa Eure










Name: Melissa Eure
Title: President
Company: G.C Garcia, Inc.
# years in the industry: 8

Where are you originally from and how long have you lived in Las Vegas:
I’m originally from Kansas City, KS and have been living in Las Vegas for 32 years.

What has NAIOP provided you that has helped you grow professionally or personally?
Access to others in the same or related industries. If I need a contractor, an engineer, a realtor I can find one at a NAIOP event. The breakfast and the learning events also help me get a better understanding of current events affecting our field.

What has been your favorite experience or story that happened at NAIOP event?
At one of the golf tournaments, we sponsored the ‘hole in one’ contest and to make the shot more difficult, they added a toilet seat.  It made it rather memorable and fun.

Who have you met at a NAIOP event that has influenced you or that you have become close friends with?
Carol Browning with DC Building Group. She is an amazing person. She was very open and friendly with someone she had never met and helped introduce me to others. She serves on at least one committee with every organization she is a part of, in addition to her regular job. I have no idea where she gets the time or energy. Most of all, we share a love for animals and dogs. I serve on the board of the Heaven Can Wait Animal Society and she, along with everyone at DC Building, have been happy to support me and the organization.

What do you want your legacy to be in the Southern Nevada community?
To expand the company my father started, to be remembered well, and to have used my position not only to help create a healthy community through the work we do with developers and the local municipalities but by giving back to our community in ways I and my employees find meaningful.