Members Only Education Workshop Recap – December 2023

Our last Members Only Workshop of the year was on 12/1/2023 at the Las Vegas Realtors sponsored by Commercial Alliance Las Vegas.  AI in Commercial Real Estate: Leveraging the Technology.  Speakers were:

Victory Igbinobaro

Preston Martin
Project Manager – Land Acquisition
Lewis Operating Corporation

Timothy May
Insight Sciences Corporation

Moderated By: Chris Wiesen

As the year draws to a close, NAIOP’s education series culminated in a timely and thought-provoking panel discussion on artificial intelligence (AI) and its role in shaping the future of work. This final installment in the series underscored the growing relevance of AI in the industry, as evidenced by the high attendance and keen interest of the participants.

Panel Discussion Overview:
The panel explored a spectrum of AI-related topics, starting with an introductory overview of AI concepts. This laid the foundation for deeper discussions on accessing AI services, the fundamentals of AI implementation, and the considerations for developing custom AI tools.

Key Questions Addressed:
The panelists engaged in an interactive Q&A session, addressing pressing concerns such as:

  • Ethical and privacy considerations in AI deployment.
  • Strategies for staying abreast of emerging AI models and technologies.
  • Safeguarding proprietary information in an AI-driven landscape.

These questions highlighted the audience’s eagerness to understand AI’s implications in a broader context.

Main Takeaway:
A central theme emerged from the discussion: there exists a significant appetite for knowledge about AI’s capabilities and potential. Much like the underutilized potential of everyday tools like Google Search, the vast majority of people are yet to fully comprehend what AI can achieve. The consensus was that hands-on experimentation with AI tools is essential for understanding their possibilities and limitations.

Looking Ahead:
As AI technology continues to evolve, NAIOP is committed to keeping its members informed and at the forefront of technological advancements. We anticipate further engaging and informative discussions as we continue to explore the ever-changing landscape of AI.

The panel not only provided valuable insights into AI but also sparked curiosity and a desire to learn more among the attendees. It marked a fitting end to this year’s education series, setting the stage for continued exploration and discussion in the realm of AI and its impact on our industry.

Click HERE for the PowerPoint from the program.


NAIOP Education Committee Member & Workshop Moderator:

Christopher Wiesen | President
BLT SMRT, LLC | BIM Solutions & Software | 702.744.7848