Membership – Join today to get 15 months for the price of 12!

Thinking about joining NAIOP?  Now is the time in October!

NAIOP is now offering 15 months of membership for the price of 12! Get the last three months of 2019 for free with a new 2020 NAIOP Membership!

What do our members value most about NAIOP? Here’s our Top Five reasons.

  1. Members Only Events– Our Southern Nevada Chapter does 2 Members Only mixers per year. If you enjoy Oktoberfest, Bus Tour, Spotlight Awards, Bowling Tournament, Golf Tournament, or Developing Leaders mixers, you’ll love our member mixers. This past year we held a Members Only mixer at the Shelby museum and the other at the brand new Las Vegas Ballpark where we enjoyed the party deck and took in the game on opening week.
  2. Education– NAIOP Southern Nevada provides some of the best CRE educational opportunities in our market. Open dialogue discussions between developers, brokers, attorneys, bankers, contractors, architects, and more dig into detail about what impacts CRE, our market, and your business. Our education events are free and for Members Only.
  3. Sponsorships– Our sponsors make for fun, memorable and insightful events. Sponsors are acknowledged at events, afforded opportunities to speak at the monthly breakfast meetings, and are invited on special market tours. Past sponsor tours include various construction projects such as Raiders Stadium, Las Vegas Ballpark, T-Mobile Arena, City National Arena, and more. We love our sponsors, but to be one, you must first become a NAIOP member.
  4. Committees– Attending monthly breakfast meetings is great but not enough to build strong industry relationships. When you join one of the many NAIOP committees, you’ll gain acumen while working side-by-side with fellow members. This is where you establish true work relationships and grow your business in the process. Many of our members, including our Board of Directors, make a conscious effort to do business with NAIOP members and supporters. In short, NAIOP works.
  5. Government Affairs– Finally, one of the most impactful reasons that members love NAIOP is advocacy. NAIOP Southern Nevada takes an active role in educating government entities and forming professional relationships with elected officials at the local, county and state levels. Any legislation that impacts building, licensing, taxes, parking, you name it, NAIOP lobbies on your behalf with a strong and respected presence.

Take this opportunity to become a member during the month of October and receive 3 months free with our 15 for 12 promotion, and get involved! You’ll expand your reach, grow your business and realize unexpected benefits along the way.


Membership Committee Chair
Matthew Hoyt
CommCap Advisors
Office: 702.792.7558