NAIOPSNV Adds Enormous Value – 2018 Stats

As Nevada’s leading commercial real estate and development association, NAIOP Southern Nevada has set a standard for membership, participation, and referrals between members and their companies. Among the top commercial real estate organizations in Las Vegas, NAIOP has the largest membership, highest attendance records and raises the most money for charity year after year. That is something to be extremely proud of!

In 2018, membership grew to more than 550 members and the local Chapter raised almost $500,000 from events and sponsorships. The chapter hosted nineteen different programs ranging from breakfast panels with local and regional experts, real estate and development educational workshops, industry tours, projections on current and future markets to special events such as bowling for a cause and the much anticipated annual bus tour. The Chapter’s ability to create, nurture and host events is second to none. With a reach of more than 1,500 people, the Chapter left a memorable impression on the market this past year.

In what other ways has NAIOP made a mark? Our commitment to volunteering and social outreach has beneficially impacted hundreds of lives throughout the valley. The organization’s presence on social media and commitment to local charity events has set a new standard for corporate responsibility. Through 11 different committees, 250 social media posts, 50+ media mentions, 170+ committee members, and countless meetings; the group has been able to make a difference locally, regionally and even on a national scale.

Most people join an organization to create more business, grow their network, or market themselves and their companies, but NAIOP Southern Nevada successfully gives those reasons substance. As the 12th largest Chapter in the nation and 5th in growth, we have much to celebrate, but the Chapter isn’t stopping there. With 2019 President, Shawn Danoski at the helm, the goal for 2019 is nothing less than a record-breaking growth of increasing membership to 600+ members, along with a continuing increase in Chapter revenue.

When setting your goals for 2019, consider making NAIOP a priority. If you’re not yet a member, join. If you’re already a member, take some next steps by attending more events and even volunteering on a committee. If you’re interested in taking your involvement to the next level, join NAIOP Corporate. Make the most of your membership by getting more involved and you’ll gain valuable insights and connections. NAIOP Works. Get Involved.

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