NAIOP Corporate Member Profile

Have you visited the NAIOP Corporate website at lately? Did you know that you are able to create your own profile on this website so that you can connect with other members throughout the nation? Whether you did or did not know this, now is the time to go log in and spruce up your profile page!

After you log in to your account, you will be taken straight to your “My Profile” page. Once you are on “My Profile” then you can either spend just a few minutes filling out the most important parts of your profile, or you can dive a little deeper and make sure that fellow NAIOP members from around the nation know all about you and your company.

The whole process is not only simple, but also a great way to leverage your NAIOP membership and start connecting with other like-minded professionals in the industry.

Don’t know your national ID to logon? Contact Nan Okuda at NAIOP Southern Nevada 702-798-7194 or

Christy Bojda, LEED Green Associate
GRN Vision