NAIOP Government Affairs Working For You

NAIOP has implemented monthly meetings with Clark County Public Works to review ways to improve the review process for our membership. Many of our members have expressed concerns with the timeframes and the overall process impacting their projects and NAIOP Government Affairs took action.

We held the first meeting with Erik Denman at the County on July 8th and reviewed things such as the new expediting process in effect as of July 11th, the current staffing update, the concerns our membership has on the review process and establishing a regular time to meet each month on behalf of NAIOP members.

One of the key things we want all members to be aware of is that there is a new expediting process for civil improvement plans. The plans will go through the normal first review, but upon completion of the first review, a choice will be available to expedite. This will be mean a $500 / hour fee for the meeting with the reviewers and will also that the engineer and owner must attend all review meeting on the plans. Upon meeting with the reviewer after first comments, all review turn-around times will be one week.

The drainage and mapping process will not change at this time; this is only for Improvement Plans. Another change being implemented is all civil redline review comments will now be scanned and sent to both the engineer and the owner at each review.

If you have any questions you would like the NAIOP Government Affairs team to approach at the next meeting with Clark County Public Works on August 10th, please email it to This process is for the support of all of our members, so be sure to let us know if there is any issue you are having so that we can help to address it.

Jody Walker Belsick, Walker Engineering, LLC