President’s Message – April 2023

I’m immensely excited to serve as NAIOP Southern Nevada’s president working closely with our tremendously talented 2023 Board of Directors.

Over the past several years, our chapter has demonstrated resilience by adapting to the changing needs of our membership and adjusting to the ever-evolving commercial real estate landscape that surrounds us. Delivering value to our dedicated members and sponsor organizations is what drives us.

We are focused on implementing several initiatives this year, ranging from the launch of a new program, to enhancing our government affairs program to further fortifying the financial strength of our organization. We are making significant progress across these various initiatives, building a strong foundation for success in the coming year.

My predecessor Hayim Mizrachi did a tremendous job working with Executive Director Katrina Bruce to create the “Developing Organizational Leadership Institute” (DOLI) program. This program was designed to educate and cultivate participants while simultaneously fostering opportunities for members to expand their connections and professional networks. Our job this year was to launch the program and make sure that we had the highest caliber people participate in the program. This goal has been achieved. Our alpha class consists of a strong group of 15 professional participants, and with the first two classes already completed, we are bullish that this program will have a strong positive impact on our organization for years to come.

Government Affairs is a cornerstone of what makes NAIOP the organization that it is and serves as the watchdog for our industry. The timely acquisition of a capable GA support staff member remains paramount, as their involvement is crucial for our continued success in expanding our organization’s impact in the coming years. We have a search firm vetting candidates and finalizing the selection process to ensure we secure the best person for the Government Affairs (GA) support role with a target start date of June 1, 2023, or earlier.

From a dollars and cents standpoint, the board is being prudent with the chapter’s financial strategy which involves smart investments in our reserves. We’ve diversified our investments in CDs with varying terms, generating an impressive return of around 5.25%. Plus, since our funds are FDIC insured, our reserves remain secure. This additional income stream will enable us to accomplish several of our key goals.

We will continue to create opportunities to bring together the commercial  real estate industry – from our most senior leaders to students that are looking to join the industry and everyone in between – to learn from each other, to celebrate each other, to provide mentorship and advocacy.

Here’s to much success in 2023!

Reed Gottesman
SVP, Regional Manager
Schnitzer Properties