President’s Message – July 2022

“What do you think the biggest challenge is to make this organization the best it possibly can be?”

On Friday June 24th, Katrina and I gave a presentation to 18 current NAIOP Southern Nevada members. These included committee members, committee chairs, board members, Principal members, and Associate members. The presentation was an experiment. It is the first iteration of an initiative to develop organizational leadership within NAIOP Southern Nevada. The idea came from the NAIOP board retreat in 2019.

Tom van Betten with Matter Real Estate Group was in the room. He’s the one that asked me that question.

It’s mid-year. Let’s recap what our chapter has accomplished and then try to answer Tom’s question.

  • NAIOP Southern Nevada is 616 members strong, which is large enough to put us in the top 10 of 52 chapters nationally. – This is statistically unlikely considering our region’s population. It demonstrates our members are finding value in NAIOP.
  • There have been 10 events held including Spotlight Awards (650 attendees), the Golf Tournament (which raised $65,000), 2 Members Only Mixers, 2 New Member Coffees, President Circle Sponsor Event, Project Tours, and 2 Education Programs.
  • We have had 6 Breakfast Programs drawing 927 member attendees, 500 non-member attendees, and 452 virtual attendees.
  • We’ve raised $241,000 from President’s Circle Sponsorships and another $288,100 in event sponsorships. – Sponsors are finding value in NAIOP.
  • The chapter has engaged with seven Elected Officials and Coalition Members including U.S. Senator Catherine Cortez Masto, Congresswoman Susie Lee, Commissioners Justin Jones, Marilyn Kirkpatrick and Michael Naft, Councilman Cedric Crear and Assemblyman/Speaker Pro Tem Steve Yeager.

How does all of this work possibly get done?!?! The 11 committees and 212 committee members have conducted 70 committee meetings.

By all measures NAIOP Southern Nevada is excellent. It’s not perfect. No organization is. But it is excellent.

“What is the biggest challenge in making this organization the best it can be?”

“How do you improve excellence?” That was the first thing out of my mouth when Tom asked his question. Of course, there are incremental fixes to look at, like the categories or judging for Spotlight Awards. Or better raffle prizes at the Golf Tournament. But it’s excellent.

I continued to think and then shared this next thought.

In 2006, the leadership of NAIOP Southern Nevada answered this question by launching the Developing Leaders Institute (DLI). The results speak for themselves. To date 131 members have participated in the program.

Of those, 33 have served as NAIOP committee chairs. Eight of the current 15 board members are DLI graduates. Three have served as chapter president with the current President Elect to be the fourth. Sixteen years ago, creating DLI was a quantum leap for this organization.

Yes, yes…but what about now?

So, COVID caused this organization to deeply explore its existence. Exiting COVID, the board vigorously focused on how to identify and meet the needs of Principal members and President’s Circle Sponsors. That was the mantra drummed into us by Past President David Strickland.

Okay Tom, it took me a bit to get there, but here is the answer.

The Board entered this year asking what NAIOP could do to create another quantum leap for this organization. We had four ideas at the fall retreat and upvoted two. We agreed to develop these ideas and do our best to launch in the 2022 calendar year.

  1. Developing Organizational Leadership. Sort of DLI for all members, not just those who are under 35. Like everything, NAIOP can experience the Pareto rule where 80% of the work is completed by 20% of the people. Launching a Developing Organizational Leadership Institute could propel this organization much like DLI has. Our June 24th presentation was the first step toward this quantum leap.
  2. Government Affairs. This year was the perfect example. Due to severe water issues, our industry was faced with an abrupt moratorium on evaporative coolers for new development. God bless Steve Neiger, who in addition to running his brokerage team at Colliers International and having a newborn baby on May 14th, has gracefully led this effort for our industry as Government Affairs Chair. He should receive a salary for the countless hours he has committed. Jay Heller, Mike Shohet, and John Ramous were a few of our Government Affairs Chairs before Steve and also could have been on salary for the work they contributed.

What if NAIOP Southern Nevada had a staffer to work alongside the Government Affairs Chair, Committee and Argentum Partners, our Lobbyists? That could be a quantum leap and we are actively exploring this.

A few observations and I will wrap this baby up!

  1. It turns out that excellence shouldn’t be taken for granted. We should be proud of what we accomplish together as an industry under the NAIOP banner.
  2. When you do so much as an organization, it takes an enormous amount of effort to consistently get the word out. Here is my appeal. Take the time to learn about our vast and wonderful organization that NAIOP already is. Participate. Engage. It is delightful. Like, how Jen Levine is delightful!
  3. NAIOP Southern Nevada Chapter knows how to play big. I mean, it is in our DNA as a city and community. This organization wins national awards year after year because of the work we do. National Awards! Every Year! If you have been waiting for a personal invitation to become a President Circle Sponsor, join a committee, or get into leadership, this is it. I am personally inviting you!

How are we going to make this organization the best it can be…?

Together. That’s how!


Hayim Mizrachi, CCIM
MDL Group
NAIOP Southern Nevada President