President’s Quarterly Report – January 2017

Dear Fellow Members:

NAIOP Southern Nevada has shaped the commercial real estate industry and protected our members’ companies and commercial property interests and I am grateful for the opportunity to lead as President in 2017. Collectively, the NAIOP voice advocates positions and policy that benefit our local economy, improve the business climate and quality of life in our community.

The industry has good momentum headed into 2017. A great number of commercial buildings are under construction with the likelihood of absorption to follow. NAIOP will continue advancing our mission of responsible, sustainable development, creating jobs and benefiting the Southern Nevada economy.

As we embark on a new year, I’d like to acknowledge some people who have contributed to our organization’s success this past year, helping to set the stage for me to take the helm.

First and foremost, my thanks to Michael Shohet for his commitment to and leadership of our chapter. He set and accomplished lofty goals, spearheading changes with positive and lasting benefits for the organization.

A special thanks is also due to NAIOP’s outgoing board members: Dana Berggren, Chris Larsen, Charles Van Geel, Sallie Doebler, and John Ramous. It has been an honor to work with and get to know each of you over the years.

Dana Berggren: Every time you invest your time, insight and energy into an area of NAIOP, be it events, committees, programs or education, the area improves dramatically.

Chris Larsen: Your hard work and creativity will be sorely missed. I just hope the 2017 Board will remember how to “second a motion” in your absence.

Charles Van Geel: Among your many accomplishments through the years, you made your defining mark as President in 2015 during a hard fighting legislative year of tax and retention hurdles.

Sallie Doebler: Your many years of service include serving as President, an involvement in nearly every NAIOP committee and event, as well as being the recipient of many well-deserved awards an accolades.   We know where you are at the Metro Chamber of Commerce and won’t let you get too far away.

John Ramous: As a national and local Board member for many years, your activity in the Government Affairs committee since 2007 has resulted in our current government affairs machine. Along with Sallie Doebler, Mike Montandon and the committee, you have shaped public policy to positively impact CRE and halt negatively impacting policies. This committee is now primed and ready for 2017 with Mike Shohet, Jody Walker Belsick, and George Garcia stepping up.

Additional thanks to our 2016 committee chairs including; Brett Bottenberg, Curt Carlson, Courtney Murphy Goffstein, Matt Hoyt, Mike Montandon, Steve Neiger, Jason Otter, Nicole Palacios, John Restrepo, Leroy Taylor and Jennifer Turchin. Thank you for your commitment.

As we move into 2017, please welcome our new Board members Julie Cleaver, Shawn Danoski, Brendan Egan, George Garcia, Adam Malan and Jennifer Turchin. Returning Board members are Jeff Foster, Jeff LaPour, Jennifer Levine, Rod Martin, Mike Mixer, John Restrepo, Mike Shohet and Jody Walker Belsick.

I also look forward to working with our 2017 Committee Chairs: Jody Walker Belsick, Sabrina Borghoff, Brett Bottenberg, Curt Carlson, George Garcia, Courtney Murphy Goffstein, Reed Gottesman, Matt Hoyt, Steve Neiger, Mike Shohet, David Strickland, Chris Teachman, Rick Van Diepen and Zac Zaher.

This year is an important legislative year, both locally and nationally, with potential increases in federal taxes if carried interest and depreciation expense treatment change. NAIOP national is following these items and more.

At the state level our Government Affairs committee will be reviewing bill drafts early this year and often during the session with attention to any legislation impacting our industry. This year, we plan to increase our presence in Carson City and work in cooperation with the Northern Nevada Chapter. The firm of Greenberg Traurig will assist our efforts.

A few items we are tracking include the property tax increase and a proposed change to the secondary property tax cap formula to a fixed minimum floor, and the lien statutes and prompt pay laws.  We are also keeping abreast of the Bureau of Land Management’s resource management plan to ensure it incorporates NAIOP’s concern to maintain an adequate supply of developable land in Southern Nevada to remain competitive with other markets and continue to grow and diversify the Southern Nevada economy with a balanced and managed approach.

We are heading into a celebratory year. In 2017, NAIOP Corporate celebrates its 50th year and our chapter Spotlight Awards Ceremony is observing its two decade milestone. You won’t want to miss this year’s distinguished awards celebration at the Red Rock Resort.

One of the projects we are pursuing early next year is renaming the NAIOP UNLV scholarship fund in memory of Tim Snow, who passed away in September 2016. Tim led the Thomas & Mack Development Group for many years and developed more than three million square feet of commercial real estate in Southern Nevada. He was a long-standing NAIOP Southern Nevada member, contributor, past President, and a recipient of our lifetime achievement award. Members can pay homage to Tim by contributing to the “NAIOP Tim Snow” memorial UNLV scholarship through the existing UNLV NAIOP endowment fund.

Finally, I’d like to thank our 2017 President’s Circle Sponsors. If any of you are considering or exploring the benefits of our Annual Sponsorship, please contact me.

Wishing you a very happy, healthy and prosperous 2017.
Jay Heller
Chapter President
NAIOP Southern Nevada