Say What About Social Media?!

As many of you know, the Communications Committee surveyed the attendees at the February breakfast. This survey was intended to give us insight about our member’s social media habits. We had over 105 survey responses and gathered some interesting data. Hopefully, many of those that answered the survey are reading this month’s newsletter.

According to the survey results:

  • Over 66% of the audience receives our newsletter and find it informative
  • Over 75% of the audience use Facebook and LinkedIn
  • 43% use Instagram,
  • 28% use Twitter
  • 20% use YouTube
  • Facebook and LinkedIn are visited most often

I know that my company has made a big push over the past year to be present on social media and we will continue to do so. Does your company use social media to engage with clients?

If you’re on social media please make sure to follow NAIOP Southern Nevada and engage with us.  You can follow us at:

: NAIOP Southern Nevada Chapter

: NAIOP Southern Nevada (Company Page)


Communications Committee Member
Cassie Catania-Hsu, Managing Director/Broker
Sun Commercial Real Estate, Inc.
Direct: 702-968-7324 | Cell: 702-556-7100 |