St. Jude’s Ranch for Children Project – Getting Dirty for a Cause!

When NAIOP’s Community Service Committee geared up to plan their production calendar, there were many opportunities to serve both NAIOP and the Southern Nevada community. With so many members affiliated with non-profit organizations and the committee’s historic success in fundraising, volunteering, and hands on involvement, it only made sense to roll up their sleeves, figuratively and literally, and take on a large-scale project. Over the last few months, our members have helped to transform a resource facility for at-risk and in-need youth and families. This was not the intention when committee member Chris Beets of Newmark Knight Frank first introduced the group to St. Jude’s Ranch for Children in Boulder City, but when members toured the facility, it quickly became clear that this was a project that they wanted to take on with rigor, dedication and actual sweat.

St. Jude’s Ranch for Children is a community of hope and healing that has had a transitional living facility in Boulder City for more than 52 years. St. Jude’s Ranch provides a plethora of resources for children, youth and pregnant and parenting teens facing displacement and challenges due to abuse and neglect. They provide “new chances, new choices and new hope.” Although the committee first intended to add a new building to the Ranch, it was most beneficial to renovate four cottages. This increased the volunteer opportunities and elevated the facility to better serve the people in need.

Fundraising and organizing began in May of 2018. Four months later, ground broke and construction began for Phase One. NAIOP members gathered for five weekends of hammering, painting and tireless work toward improvements for St. Jude’s Ranch residents. Without the large support of The Korte Company, McCarthy Building Company, AJB General Contractor, R&O Construction, Martin-Harris Construction, Roofing Southwest and Colliers Links for Life Foundation and everyone who has donated their time and money, this project would not be possible. Choosing to dedicate a few days of your schedule and monetary donations is wonderful, but what has set NAIOP members apart is their disposition and attitude toward raising the standard for giving back.

Another unique aspect of NAIOP’s community service work is the bringing together of people from diverse backgrounds who typically would not interact on a business level. NAIOP promotes positive community involvement in which members collectively contribute in meaningful ways to better the lives of children. “It has been a wonderful experience,” notes Martin-Harris Construction’s Director of Business Development, Sabrina Borghoff. “I take personal pride in the fact that NAIOP Southern Nevada is always working to build up our community. The volunteers who poured their hearts into renovating these cottages are a huge testament to our membership body. I am honored to surround myself with such an amazing group of individuals.”

St. Jude’s Ranch for Children provides a safe haven for children and youth survivors of trauma and NAIOP is proud to take part in that healing process. “It was easy to catch a glimpse of the impact these homes have,” said Steve Nemer of Harsch Investment Properties. “This experience is not something many of our members would be able to do on a regular work day, so it is with NAIOP’s commitment to make a community impact, that new faces are volunteering, renovating cottages and interacting with partners in ways that transcend the board room. Office and industrial leasing are my lanes, so it was great to hear about the retail side of things as Dan Hubbard and I ripped out an old sink,” he concluded.

Community Service Committee Chair and project manager, Chris Teachman of Lee & Sakahara Architects, is most proud of the hearts of his committee members and other NAIOP volunteers. “The proudest part about this project is that NAIOP came together and went out into the community to help a great organization,” said Teachman. Each NAIOP member comes from a prestigious and busy career, but that does not stop the giving, the unifying, and the betterment of our communities in Southern Nevada.

Click here for details on Phase 2 starting in May!


Communications Committee & Community Service Committee Member
Nancy Cruz
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Community Service Committee Chair
Chris Teachman
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