Street Teens Donation Drive – May 2016

Street Teens is one of the many organizations that NAIOP Southern Nevada supports.  Our members have actively been involved with Street Teens over the past 6-7 years, specifically in collecting financial donations and supplies as well as providing time in helping with projects at the local Street Teens office and shelter.  During the May 2016 breakfast meeting, NAIOP members donated over $1200 as well as much needed supplies for the teens.


Street Teens is an organization helping homeless and at-risk teens. The teens they help have moved into a high risk street life over a period of time and rarely by their own choice. It takes time, resources, commitment and a personalized step-by-step approach to help them move off the streets.


Reunifying the Teens with their families is always a goal, however, over 80% of local homeless teens were sexually and/or physically abused over a period of time before running away. These children do not have the option of returning to a “safe” home.


Street Teens provides immediate support and resources to help the teens survive while educating and empowering them to stride towards positive and successful changes in their lives.