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10 quick wins that businesses can use to cut energy costs:

  1. Start on the right note: understand your energy bills and consult your supplier to understand any penalty charges and how they can be reduced or avoided (e.g. spotting how much electricity is used at night may reveal areas for saving).
  2. Regular Cleaning and Maintenance of electrical units, heating appliances and lighting fixtures start you off on the right note and improve the efficiency of your plant and machinery.
  3. Ensure switches are labeled so staff is aware of switches that are relevant for use and won’t be switching on too many appliances or too much lighting.
  4. Charge appliances or heating units overnight for cheaper rates of electricity.
  5. Install light dimmers, so you can adjust for varying levels of natural light in the room.
  6. Display lighting should only be installed for spot-lighting selected displays and not as general illumination.  If you are in retail or hospitality, keep lighting on a reduced level and only switch on display lighting just before opening time.
  7. Vending machines carrying non-perishable items can be set on a timer or switched off during off work hours or on weekends when the building is closed.
  8. Energy light bulbs – invest in CFL, halogens and LED light bulbs to capitalize substantial long-term financial savings that should compensate for their higher prices.
  9. Install motion sensor lighting especially for storage cupboards, plant room lighting and other rarely used rooms so lighting is switched off by default.
  10. Install timers and smart control systems that switch off devices when you are not using them. These work better with lighting devices, kitchen and heating appliances.

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