Takeaways Podcast – Recap with Reed Gottesman

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Takeaways – Life. Lessons. Learned. explores learning from the wisdom of others.

It’s that time of year where we get to reflect and account for the year’s activities and results. When I set out to start the Takeaways Podcast I did not imagine some of the twists and turns we’d take. After twelve months and 20 episodes I am proud of what we’ve accomplished. There were many things we said we would do that we did. And there were things that we didn’t get to.

With me on this episode to recap Season 1 is  Reed Gottesman, Vice President Regional Director of Leasing at Harsch Investment Properties. Anyone who knows Reed knows that he has the unique ability to really see people. I call him a human profiler. Reed generously took the time to hear back every episode to prepare for this podcast. We turned the table and Reed was the one asking the questions. There is a lot of texture and nuance that we explored in this conversation. Reed got me to share more about my experience as a podcaster this year, how I focused on process vs. perfection, and even adversity from my past that I don’t usually talk about. We ended the show with thoughts and ideas of what to expect from Season 2 of Takeaways!

Here are just a few of the Takeaways that we discussed on this episode.

  • What were the influences that caused me to start the Takeaways podcast?
  • Takeaways of Takeaways – How has the podcast evolved? How have I evolved as a person and ‘interviewer’?
  • What were the Takeaways of each episode?

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