Voting Yes on Fix Our Roads Question 5 is Critical for Clark County

Population and economic growth in Clark County has put a strain on the county’s roads and highways, leading to increased traffic congestion and longer commute times. By 2025, Clark County is expected to grow to 2.7 million people, along with more than 53.1 million visitors traveling to Las Vegas. It is imperative that we meet the transportation needs of our growing community. Question 5, Fix Our Roads, asks voters to continue Fuel Revenue Indexing for the next 10 years. Voting yes will mean funding more roadway projects to continue creating jobs, reducing congestion, maintaining our roads, and improving safety on our local streets and highways.

Yes on Question 5, Fix Our Roads is also a critical initiative for our economy. Businesses depend on an efficient and reliable transportation system. Companies considering where to locate, relocate or expand are considering the quality of the transportation system before choosing their new location. Additionally, studies estimate that for every dollar spent on transportation infrastructure, approximately $4 to $5.20 is reinvested in the local economy. Voting Yes on Question 5 means bolstering our transportation infrastructure, helping support current businesses and making our region more attractive to potential new businesses.

Since the Fuel Revenue Indexing measure was passed in 2013, more than 220 road projects were funded, ensuring that residents, visitors and goods can move more efficiently into and through Clark County. Despite this success, there is much more work to do. By passing Question 5, we will be able to fund a portion of the more than 340 identified, but currently unfunded, projects within Clark County, creating up to 25,000 jobs over the next 10 years. Voting Yes on Question 5 in November is the first step to fix our roads—and fixing our roads means strengthening our economy for years to come.

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