News of Government Affairs

NAIOP has implemented monthly meetings with Clark County Public Works to review ways to improve the review process for our membership. Many of our members have expressed concerns with the timeframes and the overall process impacting their projects and NAIOP Government Affairs took action.

Post Primary Government Affair Report June 17, 2016   You read the polls and predictions, watched all the TV ads, researched the candidates on your ballot and you voted on or before June 14.  You did vote, right?   Who is in and who is out is now old news. But what does it mean […]

The Primary is June 14!   The June 14 Primary election is rapidly approaching and I am on pins and needles! There are some key races that will be decided on that date.  I anticipate seeing at least a couple of sitting legislators being defeated, and for some, it will be because of their vote […]

By: Erin R. Barnett, Esq., McDonald Carano Wilson LLP   Nevada’s newly-enacted Commerce Tax, ushered in by the passage of Senate Bill 483 on June 10, 2015, will assess varying rates of taxation on the gross revenue of Nevada businesses in excess of $4 million per year. The rate of taxation depends on the industry. […]

The Commerce Tax – Choosing the Correct NAICS Code   The first annual payment of the Nevada commerce tax is due on August 15, 2016 for the fiscal year of July 1, 2015 through June 30, 2016. All non-exempt taxpayers must file a commerce tax return, even if the taxpayer’s annual gross revenue falls below the […]

NAIOP Government Affairs Report May, 2016   One small step for commercial properties, one giant step for NAIOP.   In a recent Las Vegas Business Press, our current President of the Board Michael Shohet was quoted extensively on the subject of license fees for lessors. At issue was a plan by the City of Las […]