Be Sure to Vote on November 8!

Nevada’s General Election is just a bit over a month away. On Tuesday, November 8, Nevadans will be selecting our next President, filling a US Senate and making a choice on all four of Nevada’s members of the US House of Representatives.

Whether you are Democrat, Republican, or Independent/Non-Partisan/Green Party, etc., your vote is important. I’ve heard a lot of people say they aren’t happy with the “top of the ticket” choices (presidential race) so they plan to just skip this election. That is really unfortunate because while there may be one race that they don’t like, there are many other very important races to consider down-ticket. Read more

As we near the end of summer in an off-legislative year, legislative activity actually kicks up several gears.  Legislators and legislative committees that meet during the interim are busy vetting ideas to submit as bill draft requests (BDRs) to be introduced once the 2017 session begins. Read more

There are many complicated and confusing measures and laws in our local district and before I joined the NAIOP Government Affairs Committee the Business License Tax;  the Commerce Tax; the Industrial Infrastructure Fund were only fillers within taglines sprinkled throughout the local business press. In my mind, these were verbose laws voted on by Carson City legislators and local officials – political types whom I knew nothing about. Read more

NAIOP has implemented monthly meetings with Clark County Public Works to review ways to improve the review process for our membership. Many of our members have expressed concerns with the timeframes and the overall process impacting their projects and NAIOP Government Affairs took action. Read more

Post Primary Government Affair Report
June 17, 2016


You read the polls and predictions, watched all the TV ads, researched the candidates on your ballot and you voted on or before June 14.  You did vote, right?


Who is in and who is out is now old news. But what does it mean for the upcoming General Election in November, and for the 2017 Legislative Session?  What the Primary result means is that we may see some changes in leadership for the 2017 Nevada Legislative Session.


Let’s take a look at what happened….. Read more

The Primary is June 14!


The June 14 Primary election is rapidly approaching and I am on pins and needles! There are some key races that will be decided on that date.  I anticipate seeing at least a couple of sitting legislators being defeated, and for some, it will be because of their vote of support for the Commerce Tax.  I am also looking forward to a bit of a lull after the Primary so that I can stop the endless stream of fundraising events each night and meals on skewers. Read more

By: Erin R. Barnett, Esq., McDonald Carano Wilson LLP


Nevada’s newly-enacted Commerce Tax, ushered in by the passage of Senate Bill 483 on June 10, 2015, will assess varying rates of taxation on the gross revenue of Nevada businesses in excess of $4 million per year. The rate of taxation depends on the industry. Real estate leasing, for example, has a tax rate of 0.25%. The August 15, 2016 deadline to submit the first Commerce Tax returns is fast approaching, and there has been no shortage of questions with regard to the application of the tax. Read more

The Commerce Tax – Choosing the Correct NAICS Code


The first annual payment of the Nevada commerce tax is due on August 15, 2016 for the fiscal year of July 1, 2015 through June 30, 2016. All non-exempt taxpayers must file a commerce tax return, even if the taxpayer’s annual gross revenue falls below the $4,000,000 threshold. Among other reasons, the first return is very important because it is the first opportunity for a taxpayer to select the appropriate NAICS code for their business. The selection of the proper NAICS code is significant because the tax rate applicable to each filer is tied to the NAICS code. Read more

NAIOP Government Affairs Report
May, 2016


One small step for commercial properties, one giant step for NAIOP.


In a recent Las Vegas Business Press, our current President of the Board Michael Shohet was quoted extensively on the subject of license fees for lessors. At issue was a plan by the City of Las Vegas to force commercial property owners to obtain a business license for property that is leased out. NAIOP members came out swinging and as a result, the City has placed a moratorium on the enforcement of the requirement until July so that it can be vetted further. Read more