The Commerce Tax – Choosing the Correct NAICS Code


The first annual payment of the Nevada commerce tax is due on August 15, 2016 for the fiscal year of July 1, 2015 through June 30, 2016. All non-exempt taxpayers must file a commerce tax return, even if the taxpayer’s annual gross revenue falls below the $4,000,000 threshold. Among other reasons, the first return is very important because it is the first opportunity for a taxpayer to select the appropriate NAICS code for their business. The selection of the proper NAICS code is significant because the tax rate applicable to each filer is tied to the NAICS code. Read more

NAIOP Government Affairs Report
May, 2016


One small step for commercial properties, one giant step for NAIOP.


In a recent Las Vegas Business Press, our current President of the Board Michael Shohet was quoted extensively on the subject of license fees for lessors. At issue was a plan by the City of Las Vegas to force commercial property owners to obtain a business license for property that is leased out. NAIOP members came out swinging and as a result, the City has placed a moratorium on the enforcement of the requirement until July so that it can be vetted further. Read more

NAIOP Government Affairs Update
April 2016

As of 5:00 p.m. on Friday, March 18, the filing period for candidates for various state and local offices is now closed. This means that we have a good snapshot of who is in – and out – of which race. As in years past, NAIOP Southern Nevada will be focused on some of the local government races (only Clark County Commission has seats up in 2016), Assembly and State Senate races, as well as keeping an eye on congressional races.
With the campaign season comes calls for funds and invitations to fund-raisers. Every campaign cycle without fail, someone always asks, “What do we get for our contribution dollars,” or even more crudely put, “What does my contribution buy?” In short, and in reality, it “buys” nothing. If you think you are “buying” something with a couple hundred dollars or even more, keep your money in the bank. Read more

Emissions Reduction – New Program

The attached regulation (R054-15I – ERC) is proposing a new, voluntary program intended to assist in growth and economic development in areas designated nonattainment for a national ambient air quality standards (NAAQS). The program will provide offsets for a new major stationary source wishing to locate in a nonattainment area or for an existing facility to make a major modification. The proposed program provides for the creation, banking, transfer and use of Emission Reduction Credits (ERCs). In a nonattainment area, if a facility reduces emissions through an operational change, a reconfiguration or a shutdown, the program will allow the facility to request credit for the reductions and bank a reduced portion of the credit for future use or sale. The emission reductions used to generate an ERC must be surplus, permanent, quantifiable and federally enforceable. Read more