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The Developing Leaders Institute (DLI) is NAIOP Southern Nevada’s premier program offered to young professionals. This year long commitment is both practical and hands-on, featuring mandatory monthly classes taught by respected veteran industry professionals commencing with a final group project and presentation.  My fellow class members and I have taken account of what we have […]

Planning for the 2017 NAIOP Golf Tournament in support of our Government Affairs effort has commenced! We are in the process of determining which course to play and the date for the event. If any NAIOP members would like to help with the planning, we will be meeting the 2nd Tuesday of each month at […]

You may have heard the words “due diligence” many times, but why is it so important?  You are probably seasoned in real estate development and you have done this many times and you think you know what to expect but you cannot expect the unexpected!  You might be on the other end of the spectrum […]

Population and economic growth in Clark County has put a strain on the county’s roads and highways, leading to increased traffic congestion and longer commute times. By 2025, Clark County is expected to grow to 2.7 million people, along with more than 53.1 million visitors traveling to Las Vegas. It is imperative that we meet […]

Dear Members, Summer is upon us and I’m sure everyone is juggling a heavy workload with summer vacations and kids out of school. NAIOP continues to plan and provide great programs so I hope that everyone can make the time to take advantage. We have had great turnout at our monthly breakfast/lunch meetings which featured […]

Over the past decade, being a successful private company in Southern Nevada meant being able to quickly adapt to rapidly changing economic conditions. This was not only the case during the economic downturn but also in the recovery that followed. Like the private sector, the same can also be said for our local government agencies.